Meet Writer, Director & Voiceover Actor Crystal P. Willingham

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Clear As Crystal Art, Entertainment, and Media

Columbia, South Carolina

Clear As Crystal Entertainment is a minority-owned entertainment company, specializing in scriptwriting, voiceover acting, and directing. Although Clear as Crystal is a faith-based company, the material I write and direct also incorporates situations based on true reality. Whenever I am asked to write for anyone, I always let them know that I will bring Jesus into the room. I will not use the traditional King James Version language, I will use parabolic language that is understandable and applicable. There will be espionage, betrayal, and deception, but not without the absence of redemption.

I started Clear As Crystal Entertainment LLC in 2006 under the name of C.A.M.P. G Entertainment. My goal was to network and connect other artists of faith and help them produce all facets of entertainment. I was a little tired of seeing faith-based material that was, if I may say so, a little corny. We didn't need overly dramatic material, just real-life circumstances with some redemption and other endings left to the imagination of our audience. We needed soundtracks that were as anointed as the backdrop. We needed CGI artists and technicians that weren't afraid to venture out and create the kind of material that is entertaining and life-changing. With a desire to see this manifest, the God-genius in me was enlightened when I wrote my first fictional script.

As I ventured further into the world of Hollywood, I discovered that my voice was anointed for voiceover commercials and acting.

Currently, my company is in pre-production with "Deceptions" audio drama podcast and will move into full production at the end of June 2020.

Personal LifeShare

As a child, I always pursued writing, music, and the arts. I'll never forget my ninth grade teacher told me that I'd never been, nor ever would, be a great writer. Once I got into the 12th grade, my English teacher read differently. She encouraged us to enter a national writing contest sponsored by the Coca-Cola Company. When she read my entry, she was amazed at what I'd written, but knew I wasn't giving my best. When she finally discovered that my holding back was due to the racial prejudice of my ninth grade teacher, she put me to the test. I won that contest and went on the semi-finals and although I didn't win first prize there, my teacher was so proud of me. She wanted me to prove to myself that I was a writer. It wasn't until my relationship with God became intense and sincere that I realized every good and perfect gift comes from him and he wanted to use my writing to reach the masses.

I absolutely love going to the symphony, with perhaps, a good opera, and a night at a museum. I believe these adventures give us the opportunity to explore various cultures and people.

If I could, I'd ask us to be less judgemental and more forgiving. In the Christian world, a judgemental attitude is really one of a self-righteous one. This was the same attitude the Saducees and Pharisees had towards Jesus. If we would only allow God to show us the people we judge, we'd be more forgiving. We would definitely have more patience and grace for our fellow man. God commands us to love him first, love ourselves, and love our neighbor. Jesus said that if we loved him but hate our brother, we don't have love at all. It pains me to see how nasty and judgmental we can be towards one another.





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