Merry Christmas to All!

by LaShanda Pitts
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Happy Day After Christmas!

I hope you had a holiday filled with fun, family, friends, joy, special gifts,good food and LOVE!  I had an amazing Christmas…but I will say, the older I get the more my Christmas Days hit different.

Being a single lady, I spend most of my holiday days alone; my son spends his holidays with his dad’s family.  I miss him on those days, but I also want him to have what I had growing up – a loving connection with both sides of the family.  It makes him happy, so I’m happy.

We had a conversation the other day about Christmas; as he gets older he’s coming to realize that Christmas isn’t the same as it was when he was a little boy.  I agreed with him that his realization wasn’t off, it is different, but it’s also what you make it.  When he has a wife and children of his own (if that’s what he chooses in life), he will notice even more of a difference.

When you arrive at the age when your grandparents and parents and other relatives are gone, it has to become what you make it.  You can create new traditions, or carry on the old ones, or create a mix of both.  Nevertheless, I keep myself grounded in the reason for the season – O, come let us adore Him!  I am so blessed…and although I may feel alone or miss my loved ones who are gone, I rejoice in my faith and what this day really means at the core.

Somehow, I believe Christmas will change and evolve again for me in years to come – as I find my soulmate, as I enjoy the grandchildren I hope to have, and so on.  But for right now, I am so joyful in just being in the present.

Happy Holidays!  Looking forward to 2020!

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Great read! I remember when I was single. I remember being OK with my singleness as long as I was surrounded by family. The loneliness didn’t hit me until I got home. My son would go with his dad and I was left home, usually with a bottle of wine. :)! I had to find a way to cope with my loneliness. My soulmate came in my early forties with several children. Now I can’t wait for them to go home so I can have my peace and quiet. 🙂

Alecia Baker

I don’t have kids, but looking back how I grew up, Christmas has changed. For me I think that when the elders in our family passed away that we all stoped getting together. Once I do have children I want to create new tradition as well as get some of the older ones back going.

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