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The times in your life where you leave little bookmarks; the times that define the rest of your life from that point on.   A new chapter in the book of your life.  Turning the page.  A welcome change, a not so welcome difference, a subtle evolution, a startling turn of events.

According to an article on “The Thought Catalog” website, “The Ten Most Important Milestones in Your Life“, below are the ten biggies:

  • Hitting rock bottom
  • Falling in love
  • Getting your heart broken
  • Realizing what you’re passionate about
  • Getting fired from your job
  • Getting the job of your dreams
  • Losing a friend
  • Getting married
  • Becoming a parent
  • Buying your first home

In my opinion, this list leaves out a few milestones, but that doesn’t mean it’s incorrect.  It merely demonstrates that one’s list of milestones is not the same as another’s list.  Which life event to call a milestone is strictly up to the person who experiences it.

I’m talking about milestones because this week I’ve reached one:


I want to thank everyone who has read, commented and shared my blogposts over this first year.  An admission/confession: I have truly astounded my-own-dang-self because I went through each week of this entire year, wondering what in the world I could write about EVERY WEEK!  Somehow, through divine intervention, something I read or heard in a podcast or conversation or something I watched on television became fodder for that week’s post.  And I’m so happy and grateful for all of those moments!

Looking forward to more great times of sharing with you and inspiring you (and me) to #keepgoing.  AND looking forward to all of the great milestones that I know are coming up in the shining new decade to come.  2020!  Raising my glass of bubbly to US!  #cheers #clink

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Bettye Burney

Janine, you have floored all of us I believe with your insight each week. Regardless of how you achieved the words of thought, they have really blessed my soul. Congratulations on the one year anniversary. Continue to amaze us in your blogging!!!! I’ve reached many milestones in my life and reading the above list, I too can add a few with no regrets. Kudos to you my sister.

Alecia Baker

Let me first start off by saying thank you! Like I’ve said before I look forward to reading your articles every week! They seem to always come right on time. The articles are always real, it applies to all of ur who read it in some form shape or fashion. Thank you for always keeping it real and telling your truth.

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