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Jesus, Coffee, and Prayer Christian Publishing House

Multiple locations- Based in Charlotte, NC

Jesus, Coffee, and Prayer Christian Publishing House provides aspiring authors and established authors alike, a unique platform to bring their book manuscripts to LIFE!
Our services include author development, author workshops, aspiring author consultations, book reviews, book publishing, and a full suite of book marketing services to ensure our clients reach their desired target markets.

At Jesus, Coffee, and Prayer Christian Publishing House ~Jesus is the STAR!
It is imperative that our team moves with excellence in honor of HIM.
We create, publish, and distribute thoughtfully inspired devotionals, short stories, memoirs, & both nonfiction/fictional books and more.

Our books are available to all but uniquely positioned to enrich the lives of women in Christ!

Jesus, Coffee, and Prayer was originally the name of my first published devotional book. After receiving such positive feedback from women in the Christian community, I wanted to do more to empower women in Christ. I launched the Q.U.E.E.N Xperience platform in 2018 and shortly after began working on a collaborative book to promote Christ while encouraging my fellow Sisters. Jesus, Coffee, and Prayer Christian Publishing House is the platform for my Q.U.E.E.N co-authors and other Christian women authors.

God has truly been faithful in my life.

I recently was selected as a 2019 AT&T Dream in Black Future Maker. This inaugural honorary list was awarded to inspirational leaders making significant changes in the community inspiring others. There were 28 celebrity & 28 noncelebrity leaders honored, such as Queen Latifa, P. Diddy, Keke Palmer, Rev. Al Sharpton, and Regina Carter, just to name a few. I am grateful to be in that number!

Jesus, Coffee, and Prayer Christian Publishing House is proud to announce our first published author this Mothers day!
'Chronicles of a Single Mama Vol 1.' by Evangelist Evonn Firms will be available on,,, and other digital outlets.

This book is real, raw, and has transparency in Christ for all single mothers! A must read.

We are also standing in anticipation for our First Queen Co-Author collaborative book~ 'The Q.U.E.E.N Xperience Guide to Playing Your Royal Position' this summer!

We are honored that influential Queens from all walks of life are partnering with us to empower women Worldwide. Our groundbreaking guide will be available in both English and in Spanish!

Personal LifeShare

Growing up, I was competitive, ambitious, and loved to win! I was (and still am) outspoken and often stood up for the voiceless.
I fueled my competitive spirit by excelling in track, basketball, and all things scholastic.

I loved reading, writing, and took a special interest in poetry. I was the class poet and would often share my latest work in Lit class.

As a child, unbeknownst to my mother, I remember reading Goosebump books under the covers at night with a flashlight. *Laughs*

Despite hardships, my parents taught my sister and I, that we could be and do anything we put our mind too. I grew up confident and encouraged to excel in the Lord!

You are enough - validation from others is not a requirement for your success!

3 Ways to connect with Jesus, Coffee, and Prayer Christian Publishing House
Text: Publishme to 31996
Call: 1.833.333.0733




Images by: Photo Credit: Marianella Couttenye

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