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Nameica Craig



Atlanta, Georgia

Nameica Craig is a dynamic and highly sought after Motivational, Transformation and Empowerment Speaker who prides herself on empowering individuals to live their best life fabulously, through self-discovery, wholeness and un-apologetically on purpose. Nameica is passionate about mentoring and being a positive influence to both young ladies and women from displaced and disadvantaged communities by helping them to discover who they are in Christ, enhancing their overall character and growing understanding of their divine life’s purpose.

Nameica is a gifted Purpose Coach, dedicated to transforming the lives of others from the inside out through self-awareness, mastering the mindset and building the confidence and character required to walk boldly in purpose. She utilizes knowledge and wisdom from life experiences with an innovative and proactive approach designed to help her clients be their best selves by providing Biblical insight and practical solutions that help them move forward into their divine destiny with boldness, confidence, and passion.

Nameica is a profound writer who has written content for local blogs, magazines and publications. She’s a published Co-Author of Spirit of Big Boned Women and just released her first book entitled Girl Affirm YourSelf! A 90-Day Devotional that renews the mind, cleanses the heart and strengthens the heart of every woman who desires to live a life of purpose.

Nameica believes that everyone has been provided specific gifts, but sometimes the gift just needs to be pulled out of them or one needs to be pushed into using them. She understands that one hasn't truly experienced life in it's fullest of abundance until one has truly found themselves. Those gifts cannot be effectively used until this happens. God has gifted Nameica to help others discover, unwrap and use their gifts for the greater good of not only themselves, but for others in the world.

Ahhhh, the story, lets start here.... My journey began about 12 years ago when I was approached at a Value City store in Roswell, GA while Christmas shopping. A beautiful lady named Vivian of VDINX Designz Atlanta stopped me and asked, "Would you like to be in a fashion show, you would make a great model!" I looked at her with suspense and amazement at the same time. Me a model? Sure! I wasn't taking it seriously. I'd never heard of plus-sized models. I went on to become one of her models; ripping the runways all over Atlanta and the south. I met so many fabulous people, designers and business owners. Vivian had no idea that fashion was my passion; I enjoyed every minute of it. I'd always had a dream of being a Creative Director for my own fashion line. Little did I know that I had a front row seat at learning just how to do that. I went from being a model to starting my own Fashion Styling and Image Consulting agency. I worked backstage at the shows, putting together wardrobes and looks for the models and eventually gained a clientele. My first client was Ronique Marshal from the Keyshia Cole Reality TV Show. It was all things fabulous and I basked in it.

One Fashion show producer eventually took me under her wing as her PA (Personal Assistant). I began learning the business side and how to operate my own business. It was flowing and I didn't even know it at that time.
Then life began to happen. I stopped modeling while my life was in transition. Still working in Corporate America, I began to attend Toastmasters Public Speaking and Leadership classes during my lunch breaks. I was just doing something; I had no thought of being a speaker.

Now, I reflect back to when I was a young adult, God revealed to me the power of affirmation when I wrote my first Toastmasters Icebreaker Speech at the age of 26 titled, “I Am.” There is so much power in the words, “I Am.”

In my presentation, I gave a glimpse into my past life as a young girl growing up in a small country town. There were three things I loved to do as a child: play dress up and model in the mirror in my favorite Aunt Helen’s high heels, play in my mother’s makeup and play Insurance lady. I reflected back during times when my mother would visit my Great Aunt Emma, who lived just walking distance up the hill from us. They would be having girl talk and I would march up the hill strutting in my high heels, carrying a briefcase full of papers and knocked on the screen door and say, “Insurance Lady, Insurance Lady.”

Now, thinking of my 26-year-old self, writing that speech, I realized I was a real life Insurance Lady. I had begun working for a major health insurance company in 2001, and worked there for a total of 14 years. Can you say Insurance Ladyyyy? (laughs)

In 2008 I started my T-Shirt Company called Eli'Sha' Designz, creating t-shirts with affirmations on them. My very first t-shirt line was "66 Chic," which started out about where I'm from -- Wilcox County, Snow Hill, Alabama, the poorest county in the state. It's the 66th county. My mission was to shed light on the greatness that comes from "the bottom" as it's widely and negatively known as.

The revelation came to me that 66 Chic wasn't just about where I'm from but about who I was created to be. The woman I was encouraging other women to be. I was becoming a woman after God's own heart. A woman who strives daily to live by biblical principles. Where do you find those principles? only in the 66 books of the Bible! From there I created other lines and the Fabulously Blessed T-Shirt has become my best seller. Living Fabulously Blessed is simply living a life of abundance in every area. It's God's glory shown in your life to the world.

I began to recruit teens and young adults and taught them the basics of modeling while enhancing their overall character. I produced multiple fashion shows with the girls and involved them in community parades wearing my brand and the 66 Chic shirts. This is how my mentoring program for girls started, Defining and Divining You.

Walking the runways back then helped me build the confidence I need today to stand on stage and tell my story that empower girls and women to be resilient. Now I serve as a role model, coaching females down the runways of life straight into their purpose and destiny. All of these past experiences were required as they have equipped me for the season of my life I'm embracing now as Speaker, Author and Purpose Coach.

I also enjoy creative writing. It is my most passionate gift -- more than speaking and coaching. Back in third grade, when we learned to write cursive, my handwriting wasn't the best. We wrote letters to the president, but my letter wasn't sent because it was said my handwriting wasn't pretty enough. Today I am a profound writer, the gift isn't in my hand, it's in my spirit -- and it's being used to help women birth their dreams all over the world. I write my own books and stories and I'm hired to write for others.

My final words to the readers:
Regardless of how one begins, or who said you weren't good enough, use those experiences as fuel to ignite the flames that light the path to your destiny.

Nameica is a 2016 Phenomenal Woman Award recipient. She was anonymously nominated by a social peer as one of Atlanta’s most influential women on Social Media.

Personal LifeShare

I am very family oriented. My life revolves around my family. I enjoy traveling and attending family functions. I like my quiet time too. I love serenity, peace, and quiet. Me time is very important to me. I am a night owl too! Like, as I'm writing this, it's 2:19 a.m. and I have to be up at 6:45.

I enjoy reading a lot, it's my favorite pastime. I have a goal to become a great tennis player. I can be a very simple but over the top girl (LOL) if that makes any sense. I'm a pastry and pasta lover. That isn't good, but it's good. I love laughing and having a great time.

Success to me is simple; it isn't as complicated as we tend to make it. This goes for personal and business -- our success shouldn't be measured by anyone's scale but our own. I believe to succeed is to achieve exactly what one has set out to do in it's greatest magnitude, no matter how big or small it is to others. If it provides a sense of self-accomplishment and achievement and grants you peace, then you are successful in your own right. I would say the best part of being successful is being able to do for others what was done for me. Paying it forward. The worst is some people often tend to expect something for nothing, because they speculate that you have everything, especially if you're in the public eye.

Phone: 470-213-1438
FB Personal: Nameica Craig




Nameica Craig

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