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Purgasm Shop

Rock Hill, SC

I specialize in bringing mindfulness back into our beauty practices with high end products that encourage women to slow down and enjoy the sensual experience of caring for our hair and skin. I am passionate about the power of plants and nature to help us look and feel our best and it's important to me that the Purgasm Shop brand be at the forefront of the green beauty movement. As a conscious brand founder and formulator, I make sure to incorporate eco-friendly practices and materials in our ethos every step of the way. Our ingredients are ethically sourced, our packaging is recyclable, and each product is made in small batches; free of parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, ethoxylated ingredients, fillers, synthetic colors, & mineral oil, all without ever being tested on animals. There are a few things that set Purgasm Shop apart from other beauty brands, the first being our focus on the ritual and practice of self-care. I believe in "slow beauty" and all Purgasm Shop products encourage the user to slow down, relax, and fully experience the products as an act of self-care. Secondly, we are one of very few green beauty brands in the high end luxury space owned and operated by a woman of color.

Creating has always been a part of my life. I grew up in a very creative and artistic family and so I've always been interested in making things. I recall harvesting clay from the dirt road where I grew up as a child to make face masks for myself and my cousins. Although I sporadically made products for myself as an adult, it was after the birth of my daughter in 2009 that I began to completely do away with mass produced hair and skincare in favor of my own mixes. Pretty soon, I was making products for my family and vending at local markets and events. In 2013, I launched the Purgasm Shop brand and over the past several years, I've refined the brand message and ethos to create something that I'm very proud of. In 2019, I will be hiring the first brand ambassadors and adding to my operations team in anticipation of further growth.

I'm proud every time someone tells me that the Purgasm Shop products are the best they've ever used! Some memorable milestones were debuting at the Whole Foods local vendor market in Columbia, SC and having my products previously retailed in 4 states as well as in Trinidad & Tobago.

Some of my favorite received accolades have been for the Pedi Bar, Truffle Mask, and Shampoo Bars:

Pedi Bar (Foot Exfoliation Treatment Bar) was named a "Summer Must Have" by a popular beauty Blog,
Truffle Mask (Deep Conditioning Treatment Mask) was named one of Style Blazer's top products to treat damaged hair,
Two (2) of my Shampoo Bars were named best shampoo bars by,

Personal LifeShare

I think that the concept of success is hard to put into words. If I had to describe what it looks like for me, I'd say that success is living my life at the fullest potential. It's setting goals and designing my life around the things that bring me joy, financial peace and freedom, allow me to share my gifts with the world, and afford me the time to be the best mother that I can be while making sure that I have all the resources I desire to take care of myself and be a help and inspiration to others. The best part of success in my business are the feelings of accomplishment, and empowerment after setting and meeting goals that reflect my core business values and inspiring others to do the same. The worst part is that it takes work and discipline to meet the goals that I set for myself. It also takes vision and not everyone can see what you envision for yourself and so there are times when you feel alone and afraid on the journey. But, I've learned to find strength in my purpose and I know that the hard work is always worth that feeling of accomplishment in the end.

Fail fast and act before you're ready. Meaning don't be afraid to jump in and just do it. We learn through experience, not through repeatedly thinking things over in our heads. I recently relaunched my brand and it was taking forever because I wanted to have all of the answers before I started the project. Eventually, I became overwhelmed and got to a point where I behind schedule and had nothing tangible to show after months. I realized that the only way that I was going to complete the relaunch was to take action by getting various projects started (ex. updating the packaging and website) and learn as I go. Truthfully, part of experience is failure. But each time I fail, I learn what to do differently the next time. And so the quicker I jump in to something new, the quicker I learn how to navigate it. Adopting this mindset has helped me to become more fearless for for every new experience that I encounter as I grow my brand.

Phone: 803-361-8688




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