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Nisha Glenn


Educated Girls Rock

Lawrenceville, Georgia

The mission of Educated Girls Rock is to help prepare girls and young women for the world by empowering and motivating them to continue their education, which will advance their opportunity of becoming successful contributors in society. Our purpose is driven to educate and prepare our girls to be a strong force in a global community and to be recognized as models and active citizens.

My focus is an initiative to help motivate girls 13 – 18 through the distractions and pressures of being a student in school. Accountability, Adversity, and Academics are some of the most critical obstacles girls and young women face while attending school.

What sets us apart is that we create awareness to girls and young women to see the vision of how important it is to graduate from high school. We instill in them that there is pride and accomplishment in wearing a cap and gown. We inspire them to claim power within through knowledge and self-awareness. We provide mentoring, college tours, and programs to assist with graduation.

I was motivated to make a difference in the community because of the way society is, therefore, I began my organization, Educated Girls Rock. I formed this organization with the idea that every girl should want to see themselves in a cap and gown. Having to overcome several obstacles and adversities of my own, I understood the challenges of graduating under pressure and beating the odds to graduate, especially on time.

My mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, and grandmother all dropped out of school at an early age. Unfortunately, I was raised in an environment where education was not valued. I am the first person in my family to graduate from high school. At the age of 18, I was pregnant with my first child. Through determination and perseverance, I was able to complete high school and graduate. I wanted to break the cycle and I DID.

After finishing high school, I worked for several years at Mercantile Bank and then at Verizon Wireless. After years of working and raising my son and daughter, I was able to work my way through college earning my Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and my Masters in Education.

After completing college, I continued to work at Verizon Wireless for over ten years until an unexpected layoff, which allowed me to relocate to Atlanta. Verizon Wireless was a platform for me, because I was driven by the vision to help people. I've always had a passion to improve the lives of girls, young ladies, and women throughout the nation in some way. After relocating to Atlanta and working for Verizon Wireless for three additional years, there was another unexpected layoff. At that time, I decided to make my dream of owning a women’s boutique and starting an organization a reality. I stepped out on faith, I believed I could, and so I did. I opened the doors to Stitches, a women’s boutique in the heart of Midtown Atlanta, and I also founded Educated Girls Rock.

I honestly believe that my organization separates me from others because of my personal story behind the organization. I love graduations; I love the feeling of the accomplishment of being able to say, “I DID IT.” Walking across a stage and receiving a certificate, diploma or degree, gives one a sense of hard work, perseverance, and determination. I am able to empower girls, young ladies, and women by letting them know that education is important, and it can open up many doors personally and professionally. I am inspiring them to claim their power within, through knowledge.

I am seeking to expand my organization throughout the world. One of my goals will be to motivate students to “Fight to Focus” and look forward to graduation day. I see my organization as an outlet to helping young women reach their highest potential. My logo is the infamous Graduation Cap. The cap symbolizes an accomplishment that I believe every girl should experience. Walking across the stage wearing their cap and gown brings dignity to my girls as they cross the finish line of a successful educational career.

I feel that women can find success without having an extended educational background. It really depends on each individual woman’s goals, and what they want to accomplish in life. Many women I know are successful with a small educational resume. However, I tell everyone that it is my personal preference to have some credentials; because, women are faced with proving themselves on every scale and that they can be just as successful as men in today’s society. Therefore, I am all about education and equality for women.

My pledge states: “I am Capable of being Educated! I am Excited about learning! I am Committed to Excellence! I am an Educated Girls that Rocks!

Some of my proud moments would have to be when I had an official launched party for Educated Girls Rock in 2014.

Since then, I have received several awards and recognition that includes:

Proclamation from the St. Louis County Mayor office for our 2016 Fight to Focus Day
Proclamation from Gwinnett County Mayor Office for our 2017 Fight to Focus Day
2016 Classy Living Award from Classy Living Society
2016 Phat Girl Fresh Life Style Award
2017 nomination from the the Rica Awards for Social Impact
I have also been able to award scholarships to six students
I have reached a milestone and coming up on our 5th Annual Fight To Focus celebration, where we give back to several students within the community that have been able to overcome challenges within this past school year. We will recognize students for their achievement, but also highlight their success.

Personal LifeShare

Growing up, I always wanted to be a singer, dancer or actress. I have really been able to accomplish some of those asipirations as an adult and will continue on my personal interest in life.

As the founder of my organization, I believe in pouring fun into the mentorship program, along with some of my favorite hobbies which includes dancing, skating, and games.

The best advice I have ever received is to always believe in yourself and to never give up. I have applied this to my life and business, and despite how I feel, I continue to encourage others.

Nisha Glenn
P.O. Box 466071
Lawrenceville Ga 30042
Mobile App.: EduGirlsRock



Nisha Glenn

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