Oh So Classy Spotlight – Carol Houston

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Oh So Classy Spotlight – Carol Houston

We’re shining our spotlight on our Oh So Classy member Carol Houston!

Carol hails from the beautiful coastal city of Savannah, known as the “Hostess City of the South.” She grew up with views of magnificent manicured parks, handsome horse-drawn carriages, picturesque cobblestoned squares, and towering trees covered with Spanish moss. Yes…she and her five siblings grew up in this amazing city.

Carol attended Savannah State University (SSU), the oldest institution of higher learning in Savannah and the oldest public HBCU in Georgia. Carol wants us to know and is proud to say that she has and always will attend every SSU homecoming. She loves her alma mater!!

Upon graduation, Carol relocated to Miami, Florida, also known as the “Magic City,” to begin her accounting career as well as her beautiful family. Carol is grateful to say that she has raised one amazing daughter, Johnee’, of whom she is enormously proud of.

Carol spent over a decade at Ryder Systems Inc. headquarters in Miami as an accountant, where she led the employee relocation accounting department. She later shifted her focus to insurance, where she’s been for the last twenty years. At Assurant Inc. (Miami and Atlanta), Carol has been working in various management roles, including general ledger oversight, financial systems, accounts payable, and accounts receivable operations. Carol brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to this field.

This classy sister believes in living a balanced life. Her typical day consists of regular work duties, but she also incorporates physical activity and values her efforts to eat healthy…weekends excluded, of course!

Carol has always loved sports and enjoys watching basketball and football. During her time living in Miami, she was a diehard, unyielding Heat girl!! Now she is coming around to loving the Atlanta Hawks. Even while still living in Miami all those years, Carol never lost her passion for the Atlanta Falcons. Her fondest childhood memories include the times when she watched the Falcons play with her dad at her side. Even through the heartache of the losses, she says she’ll be a Falcons fan for LIFE!!

Another part of Carol’s life balance is enjoying good movies, and one of her favorite ones is Scarface. She says she can quote most of Tony Montana’s lines, which is the opposite of her “quiet” and somewhat “introverted” personality…states this classy sister.

Carol shares that one of her special moments was on her favorite trip to the 25th Anniversary of the Essence Festival. She had a chance to see our former first lady, Michelle Obama. Carol said she’ll never forget…

When first relocating to Atlanta in 2011 as a single empty nester, Carol felt that it was the right time to become socially active through community service, and she definitely wanted to build relationships. With that in mind, she did join her HBCU alumni Chapter, a few MeetUp groups, the Junior League, and the NAACP, but in her heart, she just knew that something was still missing. The void was not filled!

Carol is grateful for her volunteering journey that started in January 2020 with CLS and has enjoyed every bit of her experience. It all started with social media! While searching on Facebook, Carol saw a post from a friend who attended CLS’ 2019 Mingle Jingle event. She saw a sea of smiles and could read the inspiration on the faces of all the attendees. Immediately Carol went to the Classy Living Society website and joined. She was totally SOLD!!

Combining sisterhood with volunteering was exactly what she was looking for. Carol has been totally impressed with how CLS has been able to pivot, adjust and sustain throughout the many challenges we’ve all faced in 2020.

She’s so proud of this organization and looks forward to more engagement and volunteering with her CLS sisters, to building stronger bonds and to just having fun with her fabulous sisters!!

As a valued Oh So Classy Member, we congratulate you Carol Houston! Your total commitment to the cause of serving those in need does not go unnoticed.

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Panya Dixon

It is great getting to know you Carol! We are excited you are apart of our sisterhood!

Janine Lattimore

Congratulations on your spotlight Sis! I have enjoyed our interactions on social media and I look forward to getting to know you in person soon!

Bettye Birney

Carol, you are so genuine and welcome again to Classy Living. Your outstanding ventures and accomplishments are amazingly awesome. I believe any young lady would love to sit down with you for advice on the strides to succeed in life. Kudos to you Avis for sharing our Classy Spotlight of Carol’s journey on the 1st of March.

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