One Million Dreams Foundation for Black Women and Girls – Naming Sponsor

by LaShanda Pitts
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Underfunded & Overlooked

44% of businesses in the United States are controlled by diverse women.  Yet they receive a fraction of the 2% of venture capital given to women-owned companies.

Our mission is to be ground zero for black women business owners by providing an ecosystem of services to include mentorship, coaching, access to capital, and connections that foster the ability to scale and build profitable businesses.

We Understand

The One Million Dreams Foundation understands that diverse supplier development is a core element of effective supply chain management. It offers the opportunity for an intensive collaboration with stakeholders across the enterprise while empowering our diverse businesses. The goal of The One Million Dreams Foundation is to establish a succession plan that will grow and sustain diverse supplier participation with government agencies, corporations, municipalities, and prime suppliers.

The One Million Dreams Foundation is the path forward. With a focus on operations, management, and financial performance, it will ensure continuous growth and development of the untapped potential among black women-owned businesses.

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