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Plano, TX

Stellar Creative LLC, a boutique brand created to provide print, web, and publishing services to busy entrepreneurs, ministry professionals, and nonprofits. I also provide creative consulting for brands that want to do publishing as a part of their product offerings. This could be anything from an anthology, publishing a magazine, or an individual book.

I was nicknamed the “Idea Mogul” because of my ability to generate creative vision and ideas based on very little information. My clients value this because often they have little or no vision for their project. As Editor-and-Chief of Brilliant Awakening Magazine and the Creative Director of The Brilliant Awakening Anthology, it allows me to tell the stories of everyday individuals who may otherwise never get to share their stories. Most mainstream publications focus on celebrities and well-known individuals, but we cater to those who simply live their lives but may have overcome great obstacles to survive.

Since my background is in ministry (I’m a licensed minister and a PK), I have a heart for people that I bring into my work. There is nothing like being able to use your God-given abilities to meet a need with the understanding that the finished product is a manifestation of God’s goodness. That is my favorite part about what I do!

My first entrepreneurial venture was in elementary school. I would create freehand drawings of cartoon characters and sell them to my classmates. I got so much joy out of seeing my friends walk away with something they were proud of, and they paid me money. That feeling never went away, but it would be years before I realized that my creative talent was much more than a hobby or pastime. In 2014, Stellar Creative officially found a home in a local studio office and I hung out my shingle to begin accepting clients.

Even before discovering a career in graphic design, I was actively involved in church at a very young age, where I began singing feature parts in the children's choir. Soon, I was called upon to perform solos and recite eloquent speeches during holiday programs. My mother told me that my father had a beautiful voice both as a vocalist and a radio disc jockey. Although he was suddenly absent from my life at the age of four, it is obvious where I got my talent. As a small child, my mother used to sit with me and we would compose silly little songs together. Years later, my singing and songwriting skills were revived when I began to compose original songs and record them in the studio. I also went on to host a local gospel radio show which featured local and regional artists.

I began using my gift in music as ministry a few years later as I would perform at various local venues and festivals. At one point, I was even taking her music to the juvenile shelter to perform for abused/neglected children and youth who were being temporarily housed at the emergency facility. I would give an altar call after I sang and the children were so ready to receive. They would literally just soak up the love of Christ. These days, I can be found speaking to audiences of people about my personal testimony of coming through childhood sexual abuse and poor lifestyle choices.

As for Stellar Creative and the direction that God is taking the company, I believe that when you are a true creative, your gifts can take you to places you never dreamed. I'm able to design, write, publish, and share my testimony. There is a documentary film in the works as well as some other creative projects involving the recording studio…I can’t divulge too much right now.
If I never made any money for doing these things, I would be perfectly happy and content. It just so happens that when people see the gift inside me come to life they want to pay me money.

Of course, every published author’s proudest moment is when that first book comes off the press and into your hands. Writing the "Captured and Crowned Devotional", having it published on YouVersion the Bible App was a major accomplishment for me. What people don’t know about that book is that the preview to that was a 12-page pamphlet titled “Daughters First Pearls”. It was the same general message as my devotional, giving positive messages to women and girls about their identity in Christ. I distributed it at a Mother/Daughter Tea and it made such an impression, I felt ready to write a book.

I was nominated “Survivor of the Year” in 2016 by the Survivors with Voices Foundation. My story of childhood sexual abuse has been the inspiration for many others to share their stories and come out of hiding. That was the catalyst for me to publish the "Brilliant Awakening Anthology", another milestone for me. Through that book, I was able to help 19 women use their voices through stories of survival and triumph over abuse. It was such an empowering project for so many, and the ripple effect is still being felt today. That book has been accepted into the Metropolitan Library System’s e-book collection, so people from anywhere can log in and read the stories. It was also nominated as a finalist for “Anthology of the Year” by the Indie Author Legacy Awards committee.

Lastly, my proud moment also came with the very first issue of Brilliant Awakening Magazine. As a black teen girl growing up with Essence and Ebony magazine as my perfect examples, I was in awe of the printed pages full of images that looked like me. When I started thinking of a concept, it has nothing to do with fashion and advice, I wanted to share stories. I’m a storyteller at heart, so being able to allow these beautiful souls to share something so personal in the pages of my magazine gave me life! Every issue is a gift to me, a way to validate my dreams and add my fingerprint to the creative landscape.

Personal LifeShare

Anticipate the good and learn from the bad. As someone who came from abuse and dysfunction, I got really good at waiting on the shoe to drop. I would tell her that good things are coming as well and they will be mixed into the other because that’s what life is all about. You take the good with the bad.

My heroes and mentors are the people I grew up with--my grandparents, my aunties, the women I grew up around in church…of course my mother. They taught me the richness of family life. I saw struggle, joy, pain, pride, determination, and Jesus all wrapped up in one. I learned how to carry myself like a lady, but I learned to also be tough and strong so that I could make it through this life. The fact that I am the person I am today is a testament to all of them.

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