Phyllis Burton

Sock Out Poverty is a nonprofit organization that was birthed by fifteen year old actress and model, Princess Jackson. Because of her passion to give back to the community and her fondness for socks, Sock Out Poverty was created. Princess gives the most needed yet overlooked item to the less fortunate, and that’s a new pair of socks. Her goal is to reduce poverty and provide socks for the less fortunate, therefore Socking Out Poverty One Step At A Time!

To date, Sock Out Poverty, Inc has given out more than 10,000 pairs of new socks in the Houston, Beaumont, San Antonio, Dallas, Atlanta and California areas. Our goal is to go global and “Sock Out Poverty” all over the world.

Sock Out Poverty Inc has received donations from national businesses including Walmart, Sam’s Club, The Floyd Mayweather Jr Foundaion, and comedian and TV host Steve Harvey.

The mission of Sock Out Poverty, Inc. is to provide socks, clothing and other material goods to men, women, boys, and girls that are in need or less fortunate. Through the services and donations of this organization, poverty will be reduced and lives restored. Sock Out Poverty is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to Sock Out Poverty One Step At A Time !