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The Queen’s Gambit is one of the oldest and very popular opening moves in the game of chess.  The objective is to temporarily sacrifice a pawn to gain control of the center of the board.  Have you watched the Netflix miniseries of the same name? It’s definitely a must-see that tells a story of #GirlPower in the game of chess.  

Classy Living Society recently hosted The Queen’s Gambit event at The Nutwood Winery in LaGrange, Georgia.   The indoor/outdoor seating area of the Winery offers guests a relaxing environment in which to enjoy good company, delicious wine pairings, outdoor activities, and live music.  More importantly, it has a beautiful life-sized chess board on the property, which provided the perfect backdrop for the CLS event.  

In the spirit of celebrating the game of chess, the attire for the event was black and white, and to celebrate the queens that they are, each member in attendance wore a gold crown.  They relaxed and mingled, spreading their blankets on the lush grass, picnic style.  Nibbles and fabulous wines, laughter and music was the order of the day.  

The amazing giveback mission tied to the event was all about the math!  CLS is honored to partner with Detroit-based Black Girl MATHgic, whose mission is to help girls build the math confidence they need to succeed in class today and society tomorrow! The Black Girl MATHgic™ (BGM) Box is the first and only monthly subscription box curated to increase math confidence and decrease math anxiety in girls on a 3rd to 8th grade math skill level. Each box contains a relevant and engaging math activity booklet, items to support the activities, an affirmation to inspire confidence, a profile of a black woman mathematician and a Caring Adult Guide.  https://blackgirlmathgic.com/

For every queen in attendance at the event, CLS shipped a box of pencils and calculators to Black Girl MATHgic for the wonderful girls they assist.  Much like the chess move The Queen’s Gambit, CLS sacrificed a little to gain a lot – providing girls with the necessary tools to succeed!  #GirlPower! Now that’s a Classy Queen move!

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Valerie Alerte Kavanagh

Young girls are often so very afraid of numbers. We work so hard and believe and more importantly KNOW that there is nothing that a young girl, or woman can’t do! Giving to an organization which fosters learning and mastering math is truly valuable for the young women bosses of the future.

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