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There’s something wonderful about watching a good movie on the big screen.  But with movie theatres closed during the pandemic, this favorite family activity was all but set aside.  Then, the drive-in movie theatres opened …  and resurrected the days long ago when families would pull up to a big open drive-in theatre lot, install a speaker on the window of the car, and the whole family (and maybe even the dog!) would sit in the car or pile out to sit in lawn chairs to enjoy a flick!  Welcome back to movies under the stars!

Yes, watching movies outdoors is a magical experience. On September 12, CLS hosted Screen on the Green!  The initial plan was to enjoy a night of classic comedy movies on the lawn of the Taylor-Brawner House in Smyrna, Georgia.  But alas…the weather would not cooperate. With on and off rain throughout the windy afternoon and evening, Screen on the Green became Screen on the Wood!  Instead of setting up on the grass, the ladies set up their lawn chairs and blankets in the great room of the Taylor-Brawner House … but it was still a night of big fun!

The evening began with shopping with fabulous Black women-owned businesses who are also members of CLS!  Accessories, African wear, skincare, wedding services, books, and so many other items were offered for sale to the ladies.  While shopping, the ladies noshed on a variety of hot pizzas and wings, mingling and networking and sparking that sisterhood magic that CLS is so famous for conjuring up at their events!  Then, on to several announcements from CLS Founder LaShanda Pitts and the CLS Leadership team regarding CLS business and upcoming events, including the Red Dress Gala which is forthcoming in April 2021!  

Movies and games were next!  The first movie shown was Coming to America (such a classic comedy!), followed by Girl’s Trip (what better movie for a sisterhood to watch?!).  Many of the ladies headed out to the Taylor-Brawner House’s huge front porch to participate in a few fun games!  From Stack the Cups to Sort the Jelly Beans, it was all about the competition as the ladies broke off into Team Blue and Team Red!  The grand prize game was next – the Ping Pong Ball Tissue Box Challenge!  Each participant had an empty tissue box strapped to her waist, with the box facing backwards and each box was filled with ping pong balls.  The first person to twerk, wiggle, and shake all of the ping pong balls out of their tissue box was the winner!  These ladies worked hard to get those ping pong balls out of those boxes because the grand prize was a $250 Sephora Gift card!  Congrats to the grand prize winner, CLS member Abena Hutchins!  Then it was back inside for music and dancing – it’s just what we do!  

Of final note, but most importantly, you already know that CLS doesn’t do anything without a special giveback campaign.  CLS members collected a variety of baby items for donation to Helping Mamas!  As the baby supply bank of Georgia, Helping Mamas is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to come to the aid of mothers in need of assistance.  

Due to the pandemic, CLS had to cancel previous plans for a Helping Mamas giving event, so we showed up and showed out in true CLS giving fashion by donating a stockpile of items for Georgia babies! Helping Mamas accepts diapers, pull-ups, wipes, clothing, pacifiers, bibs, and all other things baby and toddler. 

If you are interested in donating items to Helping Mamas, take a look at their website at to see a full list of items they accept and how you can drop your donations off directly! 

Such an amazing event!  Movies, snacks, games, shopping, music and dancing, and sisterhood bonding … a great time was had by all!  



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