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Oh So Classy Member Spotlight

Classy Living Society is proud to highlight our Oh So Classy member Lady Q!  Lady Q is a member of one of our highest membership tiers and shares an elite status with other members on this Oh So Classy level.  

Her  motto “Laughter is Healing, My Purpose, My Passion” truly comes through as she dazzles audiences around the country with her special form of comedy.  She was awarded the PrazyeFactor People’s Choice Awards in 2014 and 2018, for Best Christian Comedian. She was also an Honoree for the Community Service Award, given by the Gospel Choice Awards in July, 2019.  Lady Q has also served as Classy Living Society’s Mistress of Ceremony at numerous Red Dress Galas, CLS’s annual fundraiser.  As a native of Charleston, SC, and now living in Atlanta, Georgia, Lady Q has been making people laugh for many years.  As a stand-up comedian, she brings her own brand of humor to events, from weddings to birthday parties and everything in between.  Lady Q doesn’t hesitate to share her own take on everyday life events and makes it her mission to bring joy to her audience. She definitely sees the humor in life and her glass is always full of what makes us smile.  

She’s the mother of two amazing young adults who’ve supported her journey without fail. They understand her mission and have never left her side. Starting out as a youth pastor and former preschool teacher, Lady Q was led to her destiny after speaking at her church. She was so well received that she knew she had found her true calling.  After her “One Woman Show” in 2008, she was well on her way to becoming the well known and sought after comedian she is today.  She is currently busy with bookings and clings to her heart of service to others. Lady Q has been noted to say, “There is so much joy in making people laugh and being relatable.  I always tell people that comedians have the privilege of saying what other people think.”  Lady Q is living life to the fullest, as she enjoys traveling the world and bringing individuals together through laughter. We look forward to hearing more from this fabulously spirited Oh So Classy lady and know that she’ll continue to combine her love of God with her love of laughter!!

You can find Lady Q on these platforms:

Twitter: Lady Q Laughter (@LaughterQ)


Phone: (1) 678 516 6889

Facebook: Comedian Lady Q




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