Skyy Wonders

40 Plus Wonders, LLC: Skyy Wonders is the founder of 40 Plus Wonders, a proud mother, inspirational motivator, photographer, blogger, radio show host, and philanthropist. Legally named Carla Daniel, she was born August 2, 1970, in Pittsburgh, PA. Sky graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.A. in Liberal Studies and continued her education at Bauder College where she received her degree in Fashion Merchandising.
The platform 40+ Wonders was started in 2014 and has been touching lives all over. Skyy believes that with God you can accomplish and conquer anything. Always believe in yourself and speak positive words into the universe.

The 40 Plus Wonders movement touches people’s lives by highlighting and sharing the experiences of women ages 40 and over. We are looking to spread our movement all over the country. Our next sister city will be Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our mission is to bring mature women from around the world together in a way that elevates social, community, and business relationships. It’s a platform where women celebrate their inner and outer beauty and continue to grow in self-awareness and sisterhood. What sets our business apart from others is that our movement focuses on mature women ages 40 years old and older. We promote empowerment and inspire the ideal that life gets better after 40 due to our life experiences, wisdom, and knowledge. We encourage our women to tap into their purpose on earth and run with it!

Skyy Wonders Photography: Skyy Wonders is a known photographer in the photography industry! Her knack for fashion and styling has garnered her opportunities to work on movie, television, and photo shoot sets. She then realized her gift in photography where she was able to catch the most candid moments of her subjects. Skyy aims to capture that pose, that look, that move, that special moment! Skyy has been shooting photography for over 11 years as a hobby, but has made it her full-time skill for over 4 years now. She is contracted with the W Hotel Downtown Atlanta where she shoots events for music artists/bands, fashion designers, artists, corporate companies, DJ’s, and much more.

Skyy believes a world without photography will be meaningless to us if there is no light and color. These open up our minds and help us express our passion. Photography is an art, but people take photographs for many reasons. Photos can also be taken to serve as evidence for how something happened. It enables the viewer to experience similar emotions and feelings the photographer had. This is the reason why our company was formed; to help us keep our memories fresh with what has happened in the past. We take photographs for various events including: Corporate and organization events, parties, marriage proposals, weddings, funerals, family and business outings, and picnics.

Skyy’s motto: That special moment! You can never get that back if it’s unrecorded or undocumented. Skyy is known to catch the most authentic moments of her subjects, that pose, that look, and that move.

“Your Moment Beyond The Skyy!”