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Replenish Salon

Atlanta, GA

Replenish Salon was created to build a standard in the natural hair industry. Our mission is to empower, network, and teach women the value of their natural hair. We make it a priority to make our clients feel and look beautiful. We also send clients home with a Hair Care Regimen and instructions to help them manage their hair at home, until their next visit. The detail we provide for hair care is what deems Replenish as the #1 Natural Salon, according to Yelp, as well as a signature treatment salon.

I have been in the hair industry for over twenty years. After graduating from Beauty College in Macon, GA, I moved to Atlanta, and within four years, I opened a salon named,"All About U! Hair Designs," which operated for ten years, and employed up to four stylists and a braider.
Later, I developed a desire to further my education and pursued an opportunity to become a certified platform artist/instructor for the company Avalon, where I was an educator to students for two year. After exploring various roles as a hair stylist and salon owner; I was drawn to Natural hair and began transitioning my own hair to its natural state in 2008. Once I learned the techniques and how to treat hair naturally, I became known as one with "Growing Hands."
I decided to go back in the industry and was hired at Huetiful Salon, Atlanta. After a year with the company, I decided to start my own salon, and joined forces with my then co-worker, as we set out to open Replenish Salon. We felt lead to fully commit to teaching women how to care for their hair naturally with various natural treatments and products, and began to build a brand. After one year, my business partner (Brandy Sims) and I relocated to a larger space and currently operate a 4-5 chair boutique salon. We have also expanded our brand to include "Replenished Apparel"- a clothing apparel company, and "Naturally Replenish"- our signature Hair Care Essentials line.

My milestone moment is returning to the industry after a few near death experience with the goal of establishing a reputable brand within five years. Many of the my accomplishments were spoken to me, prophetically when I was younger. I give God all the credit for the life I am living, and the great things to come!

Personal LifeShare

I have had an interest in hair since the age of five. My great-grandmother use to always tell the story that one day she took me to work with her and I styled her friends hair so nicely, that she told eveyone that I was the one who stled her hair. I was always experimental with my own hair as a teenager and often styled my friend's hair as well. I always strived to grow and learn more about the hair industry through continuing education and watching video tutorials.

The most important rule I live by, is to commit everything to prayer, not being anxious for success; but knowing if my steps are ordered, and I am patient, everything that is purposed for me will eventually manifest! I am happily married to my husband and greatest supporter, Kevin Lipsey, of 18 years, and together we have 4 grown children, and a grandson named Cameron.

In this next season, I am excited about my role as salon AND product line owner! I would love to eventually teach women how to operate business successfully based on my experience, speak at hair shows, and promote Healthy Natural Hair worldwide!

Stephanie Lipsey
Replenish Salon
1745 Defoor Place NW
Suite C
Atlanta, GA




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