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Take Flight Girls Inc

575 Pharr Rd, Suite 52613 Atlanta, GA 30355

Stephanie McCloud is the founder of Take Flight Girls, Incorporated, a non-profit organization based in Atlanta, GA and St. Louis, MO. Their mission is to empower young women by providing experiences through travel, culture, and philanthropy while encouraging aviation, aerospace careers and providing mentorship in entrepreneurship.

She has been a member for the past 12 years of the United States Air Force Reserve where she serves as an Aviation Resource Manager and the units community service coordinator. In addition, she works as a flight attendant for one of the largest U.S carriers in the country. There she sits as a community engagement board member connecting employees to communities by giving them platforms to engage in community service.

In addition to her philanthropy spirit, she writes for blogs and has been featured in magazines. She just released her latest book in which she Co-Author called Girl Power Uncensored.

I decided to create Take Flight Girls Inc. because growing up I saw the lack of exposure to areas such as aviation, entrepreneurship, travel, and charity. These are terms and concepts I learned well into my twenties. They help shape my life and help me find purpose in careers and goals.

The lack of exposure in these areas left me behind. I wanted to change that and solve that problem by creating this platform to expose girls to these concepts. I wanted young ladies to have an advantage by having the value from being well-traveled, having an entrepreneur spirit, and learning the importance of giving back. I also wanted girls to be empowered to get into the male-dominated industry of aviation.

From this, Take Flight Girls Inc. was established.

I was featured in the Women in Military Service for American Memorial in Arlinton Virginia.

I was featured in the Veterans Portrait Project.

I won the 2017 Delux Magazine 100 most influential in St. Louis.

I won the 2018 Maya Angelou Phenomenal Woman Award by V95.5.

Personal LifeShare

I love to read. I have hundreds of books and am usually reading at least 2 at a time.

I love music just as much as reading, I have an old school spirit so I collect vinyl.

I love love love to travel, it is my reset button.

And school--I get energized from traveling as well as learn more than what any university or book could ever teach me.

My personal quote. "Living not in your purpose is living a lie, you must find your purpose to reveal your truths."

P.O. Box 52613
Atlanta, GA 30355




Images by: Stacy Pearsall for Veterans Portrait Project

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Very engaging journey. Congratulations to Stephanie McCloud.

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