There’s something so gracious about a person who is humble, isn’t there?  It’s admirable to do great things and not want attention drawn to yourself for doing so.  But…

I say – it’s okay to toot your own horn now and again.  Everyone has not discovered what their talents and gifts are, but if you are one of the fortunate ones who have, then you should share them!  Many of us don’t because we think showing them off oversteps the boundary of practicing humility.  We tend to downplay our greatness because no one likes a show-off.

How often do you give yourself less credit for something you’re really great at doing?  Everyone you run across tells you how inspired they are by your creativity, or how they enjoy those delicious apple pies that only you can bake like you do.  How many times have you met a compliment about your clothing with, “Girrrrll….this dress is so old!” rather than just politely accept the compliment with a smile and say “thank you!”
There is such a thing as being too humble.  The more you dishonor your greatness, the less you hold yourself and your amazing abilities to the high esteem deserved.  Sometimes it’s okay to say “Hey, everybody! Look what I did!”  You never know the joy you may invoke in the one who views your marvelous painting, or who may welcome with pure delight the taste of the cheesy mac & cheese you cook so well.  You could very well makes someone’s day!

Tooting your horn does not include bragging or arrogant attitudes or “showing out” as our grannies would say.  Strike a delicate balance between showing what you’ve got and having some humility about it.  Toot your horn – it means that you acknowledge and celebrate the wonderful gifts that God has given you to share with others.  And if someone’s not looking or tasting or touching or experiencing what you have to offer the world – sometimes you’ve gotta toot that horn to bring attention to it.  Go ahead, make a joyful noise about YOU! (Toot, toot!)

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As National Slavery and Human Trafficking Month draws to a close, Classy Living Society will continue to stand united to end the demand. We wear yellow to raise awareness and to do our part in ending this crime that affects all populations.

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Several members of Classy Living Society prepared and served breakfast to the families at Atlanta’s Ronald McDonald House on Thanksgiving morning.  Volunteers showed up bright and early to cook, prepare and serve a delectable feast of bacon, waffles, sausage, yogurt cups, fruit, muffins, quiche cups, eggs and other delicious offerings.  What better way to start the Thanksgiving holiday than to give back to the community!

And Ronald McDonald House is definitely worthy of the service! When a child is seriously ill, injured or during a medical crisis, a family’s main objective is to seek treatment, so that the child is well again.  However, the appropriate treatment facility may be many miles away and it may be necessary for the child to remain at the faraway facility for days, weeks or even months!  To be sure, the child’s treatment is the most important objective, but it’s also important for the child to have the presence and support of mom, dad and other family members during this time.  That’s where Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) comes in. All across the United States, they provide a “place for families to call home so they can stay close by their hospitalized child at little to no cost.”  They provide many resources, including home-cooked meals, private rooms, recreation and a shoulder to lean on, to name a few. RMHC has two houses in the Atlanta, Georgia area, both in close proximity to the premier children’s medical facilities in the area – Egleston Children’s Hospital and Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital.

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As reported in last week’s CLS On the Move, CLS recently instituted an Executive Advocate program!  Executive Advocates are phenomenal women who are specially appointed to become representatives of Classy Living Society in cities across the United States. They create success by making connections with women who have a passion for volunteering, nonprofit organizations and businesses in their communities.  They also supervise events, teams and volunteers.

Executive Advocates promote volunteerism, provide leadership and connections for events and initiatives that contribute to the advancement of CLS.  They support the organization’s mission to become innovators in volunteerism.  We are excited to announce that another Executive Advocate is on board!  Welcome Ms. Kimberly McDonald!  A resident of the state of Maryland, Kimberly will be covering the DMV area!

Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia: Kimberly McDonald

Kimberly is thirty something, and chasing her dreams! CLS is perfect fit for her because it embodies many of her personal values. Empowering others, in the community and through sisterhood, while empowering yourself.

Growing up as a child of two military veterans, it allowed Kimberly to encounter many different people from all walks of life, all over the world. She loves meeting new people and learning about them and their viewpoint on life.  She feels that CLS allows her to do just that – all the while building relationships with other members, and reaching out in the community. A little laughter and a good time along the way doesn’t hurt either!

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The American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walks raise awareness and funds to save lives from breast cancer. Each event is a noncompetitive 3 to 5 mile walk to raise money to fund innovative research, provide free information and support, and to help people reduce their breast cancer risk or find it early when it’s most treatable.  CLS is passionate about bringing awareness to, and finding a cure for, breast cancer.  

In celebration of CLS’ 5th Anniversary, we are opening up this volunteer effort to the public as a Sister Day!  We aspire to bring 100 women together in this endeavor to raise awareness and unite with survivors, caregivers, and corporate and community volunteers to make an impact on the lives affected by this disease.

Please join us on Saturday, October 27 as we volunteer for this worthwhile effort.  

There are two important volunteer positions to be filled:

Registration Table: 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

Cheer Team: 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

The event will be held at the Suntrust Park, 755 Battery Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia.

Once you’ve registered at the link below, also shop online to purchase our exclusively designed 2018 commemorative Breast Cancer Walk T-shirt.  Simply click on the Buy link below.

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer + 100 volunteers = the perfect formula for one of Classy Living Society’s biggest events of the year!

Please register today to join us in a Sister Day against breast cancer!



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CLS has recently instituted an exciting new program that promises to catapult the organization even further into the national arena – the Executive Advocate program!  Executive Advocates are phenomenal women who are specially appointed to become representatives of Classy Living Society in cities across the United States. They create success by making connections with women who have a passion for volunteering, nonprofit organizations and businesses in their communities.  They also supervise events, teams and volunteers.

Executive Advocates promote volunteerism, provide leadership and connections for events and initiatives that contribute to the advancement of CLS.  They support the organization’s mission to become innovators in volunteerism.  In return, each advocate has the potential for unlimited income potential, discounts, CLS branded wear, tickets to special events, and more.  Among other things, they will promote CLS events, news and information in their respective areas, attend conferences, promote and inspire sisterhood bonding and of course, volunteer alongside their membership teams!  It is quite an exciting position – and CLS is excited to introduce a few of our first advocates:

California: Edi Kristopher


Ms.  Kristopher is a trial attorney and a founding partner at Harrison | Kristopher, LLP. She graduated with honors from Saint Mary’s College of California and received her juris doctorate degree from John F. Kennedy University School of Law.

Representing injured clients in personal injury and medical malpractice actions, she is passionate about obtaining justice on behalf of those who have been victimized by another’s negligence or recklessness and has obtained millions of dollars for her clients. Prior to founding Harrison | Kristopher, Ms. Kristopher spent several years working with insurance defense firms and insurance companies and thus is a great asset when it comes to determining how insurance companies operates and values claims.

Ms. Kristopher gives back to the community every chance she gets. She is a Panel Attorney for AIDS Law Referral Program and has volunteered on numerous occasions for the San Francisco and Contra Costa Bar Associations pro bono programs.

Ms. Kristopher is member of Contra Costa and Alameda Bars Association. She is also a member San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association and the Alameda Contra Costa Trial Lawyers Association. She was recently voted one of the 10 Best Lawyers in Personal Injury in the State of California for 2017 by the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys.

When she is not working, Ms. Kristopher spends her time travelling. Ms. Kristopher lives in the Bay Area with her son.

Texas: Joli Blount


Ms. Blount is an accomplished businesswoman, thought-provoking writer, motivational speaker, mentor, philanthropist and minister. She matriculated with a bachelor degree in Psychology from Southern University A&M College, and holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Project Management from the University of Phoenix School of Business. She began her career in Atlanta, Georgia where she worked for more than a decade in finance and accounting.  She has since graduated with honors from the God’s Leading Lady program of The Potter’s House of Dallas where she will be a licensed minister.

Joli is most passionate about her Faith Based Initiative Program at mirroringimage.com  where she curates extensive resources and community benefits to disadvantaged youth while motivating and inspiring adults alike. Her program motivates, inspires and empowers disenfranchised youth to produce the best version of themselves by providing them with a higher level of learning as well as many other rich life opportunities and connections. As the first of her siblings to attend college and graduate, her passion waxed strong in her desire to cultivate a community that would reflect her dream. This preempted her interest in education, economic empowerment, and leadership. She is a staunch believer that aptitude is universal, however opportunity is not.

When she is not pursuing her career endeavors in business management, Joli enjoys cooking, spending time with her son, hiking, working out, reading, listening to music, fashion, movies, and actively volunteering in the community and at her church.

Florida: Rhonda Crutchfield


Ms. Crutchfield is originally from Arkansas, but currently lives in Tampa, Florida.  She has been a Zumba Instructor since 2011 and she truly enjoy every class. She considers it an honor each time someone chooses to attend her class and to be a part of their fitness journey! It makes her happy to be able to help people and be an unexpected angel/blessing in the lives of others. She has a wide range of interests, and especially loves her beach life!  Keeping a positive attitude is a priority for her and she enjoys encouraging people and live each day to the fullest.


Georgia: Terri Carithers


Ms. Carithers grew up in a small rural Northeast Georgia town.  Growing up, she was accustomed to a supportive family and community relationships.  Her parents instilled traditional values of love, honesty, loyalty, faith, and charity in her and she is proud to say that these values have been the very foundation of her everyday living.

She is delighted to have given birth to her only child, Ashton, who is now 27. He is the joy of her life and she thanks God every day for bestowing upon her the honor of being his mother.

Terri currently resides in Savannah, Georgia also known as the “Hostess City of the South” which was one of the reasons she relocated there 12 years ago.  Terri loves being a “Hostess” to family and friends and appreciates the time they spend together. She enjoys entertaining, travelling, reading, and giving back to the community through volunteering.

As an Executive Advocate for Classy Living Society, she strives to make a great impact in her community as she knows that volunteering provides her with a greater sense of purpose for life.


CLS is delighted to have these ladies aboard to further the cause of Classy Living Society!  We will continue to keep you up to date on our Executive Advocates!

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