Sock Out Poverty, a nonprofit organization located in Texas, was the recipient of the Classy Living Award at the 6th Annual Red Dress Gala this past Sunday.  Fifteen-year-old Princess Jackson is the brainchild of Sock Out Poverty, with her mother Phyllis Burton at the helm.  Princess’ idea was born out of her desire to provide the most needed, yet overlooked, item to the less fortunate, and that’s a new pair of socks. Her goal is to reduce poverty and provide socks for the less fortunate, therefore Socking Out Poverty One Step At A Time!

Read more about “Phyllis Burton, Princess Jackson and Sock Out Poverty on the Chronicles Too!  (Link below)


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We’ve rolled out the RED CARPET for the 2019 Red Dress Gala!

This is Classy Living Society’s 6th Annual Red Dress Gala!  The Sisterhood Gala on Sunday, October 13, 2019 is honoring “Access Taken,” by spotlighting women who have pulled out all the stops! We are honoring women who are pioneers in their fields, who have remained resilient in the face of adversity and who have defied the odds! Salute to the bold, the fierce, the passionate and the strong… they represent what it means to demonstrate an unwavering drive and determination! These are the women who have achieved the status “Access Taken” and these are the women who are also encouraging young girls to do the same!

In our quest to meet, greet, celebrate and sisterhood bond with amazing women in other states, CLS is taking the Gala on the road! This year, our most exciting event of the year is going to be held in the “City with No Limits” … HELLO HOUSTON!

For more information on the Gala, including how to purchase tickets and become a sponsor, visit the Red Dress Gala website at the link below!



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Born out of her passion to give back to the community and her fondness for socks, Sock Out Poverty is the brainchild of Phyllis Burton’s talented daughter, Princess Jackson. Princess gives the most needed, yet overlooked, item to the less fortunate, and that’s a new pair of socks.  Read all about Sock Out Poverty on the Chronicles Too! Link below:

Phyllis Burton

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