TaKeshia Chapple

Keshia’s Kloset is a 501 c-3 non profit organization that specializes in serving the needs of Survivors of childhood sexual abuse, to help young women of all ages deal with the effects of trauma by way of retail therapy, mentorship, community service, and motivational speaking. Keshia’s Kloset was founded by survivor, TaKeshia Chapple, to help victims evolve into survivors and thrivers, by staying connected to a community of thriving women (mostly entrepreneurs and small business owners) who understand what they are going through – because we too, have been there.

“KEISHA” is an acronym for “Kingdom Educated Individuals Serving Healing Angels”. The focus is on young girls between the ages of 5-25 who have been sexually or physically abused, to prepare them for a purposeful, meaningful existence where trauma does not define them but propels them. We focus on low-income communities, where studies show that sexual and physical abuse are more prevalent and where resources for help are scarce. In local communities, and all around the world, children are silenced due to fear and shame. The majority of abuse goes underreported or unreported at all – and this should not be! So, here in Keshia’s Kloset we provide avenues for healing through advocacy, sex-education and shopping experiences for young girls between the ages of 10-18 designed to help them find clothing that makes them feel safe, strong and beautiful! We also work with young women ages 19-25 to help develop their natural talents and gifts, and prepare them to share their light with the world. The end goal is to have each young woman 5-25 share a motivational speech to an audience of their choosing, empowering them to use their voices to help someone else.

My goals is to help 500 young women and their families by the end of 2020.