The Power of All Black

by LaShanda Pitts
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I love all black and feel so sophisticated in this outfit. Not only is black cute it’s also affordable. When I shop at fast-fashion retailers, Forever21 and H&M, I normally go for black garments. Less expensive fabrics normally look better and last longer in black or darker colors. Here are my top 3 reasons to wear all black: ready, set, go!


Seriously, I can’t get enough of chic looks. I mentioned in my last fashion post that I love chic outfits and gravitate towards more classic styles. Chic looks never get old and remain timeless decades later.


Black can instantly slim your frame and camouflages well. Who doesn’t like to look slimmer in pictures?! Conceal with a good black suit or little black dress.


Black just screams boss babe! When I wear an all-black look at work people always think I mean business. I feel like I can conquer the world in a good black pantsuit or midi skirt and blouse combo.

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Stacy Davis,  Wardrobe Stylist, and Blogger.

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Bettye Burney

Love this article!!!! I definitely love the classical look. And wearing black is a go to for me. I’ve always heard that black makes you look slimmer and I can attest that for myself. I have this clack pants suit I adore and admire myself each time I put it on for special outings. Wearing black reassures my most pleasing moments when I want to look like ‘I’m going or already been somewhere’. Makes me feel very important. Great read and thanks for the tips.


Black is definitely my color! It’s so timeless and classy and just makes you feel so good. This article was great because it emphasized how this amazing color makes you feel and the power behind it. When I look in my closet I see black…pants, blouses, skirts etc. This color is so versatile. Your tips and ideas are on point!

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