The Spirit of Youth and Yes

by LaShanda Pitts
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That thing we find so enchanting about children is their simplicity and realism that’s all wrapped up in their wonderment. It’s beautiful. But as adults, our propensity is to complicate things. Some adult screwed us up a long time ago and we are perpetually passing it on to our kids. Stop it! Yes, you can. It’s a conscious decision.

Let’s embrace the youthful, playful, frank spirit of children which makes them so funny and lovable. They are pleasure seekers doing what feels good to them and they are the happiest beings on the planet. Imagine what could happen if we combined the creative and energetic child we used to be with the intelligent and wise being we are today. This is how we stay sensational at any age and it’s Magic!


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The Spirit of Youth and Yes

Written by:

Candace Burney
Living Simply with Candace


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Bettye Burney

Thanks for sharing the article. Candace looks sensational and speaks sensational and through her article I can see why. Being very passionate about her health as well as others means a lot as we’re living in a world of different eating and dining options. I loved the thought she left of how over the years we’ve all felt not wanting to do anything because of the fear of it won’t please someone else. Her impact lets us know to be ourselves and to just be ‘you’. Enjoy life!!!! Her grandmother Mary Ella definitely did. Thanks daughter for letting me/us know… Read more »


This was a great article Candace and the information is invaluable. It seems that we’re getting more and more involved with our good health these days. Especially since we’re going through these challenging times. Candace you are a true testimony to what it means to understand the importance of good health on this journey called life.

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