The Spotlight’s on our Oh So Classy member Gail Jackson!

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Gail is a proud native of Miami, Florida. She relocated to Atlanta in 2015 after retiring with 35 years of service in the healthcare industry at Jackson Memorial Health System of Miami.  As a youth, Gail often visited her grandparents and enjoyed every minute of the southern hospitality she experienced from the great people of Georgia.  That led to her decision to make the move to Atlanta.

Gail has one absolutely incredible daughter who she is so proud of and several other children who she is proud to call her spiritual daughters and nieces.

Gail is fierce and her passion is to help her fellow man.  She credits inheriting this passion from her mother who was an amazing woman who she says had a heart of gold.  Her mother would give to the poor, underprivileged and especially to her family and friends.  Gail hopes that by example, she is living up to her mother’s impressive legacy.

Gail says she is a child of God and she holds the title of an Assistant Pastor and Elder.  She loves people regardless of their background or nationality and she strongly believes that she’s commanded to love.  Gail  started her ministry by helping people many years ago and she’s worked with homeless men, women and children. For the past 37 years, this has been her charge.  Gail has taken in homeless men, women and children into her own home. She’s fed and clothed the homeless on the streets of Miami.  She’s also sought to help indigent and substance abused women and children in safe houses and work with senior citizens in Florida and Georgia.  Gail is committed and is proud to say “this is who I am.”

This classy lady loves to have fun, dress up, dance, play games, decorate, pray, read the bible, walk, take pictures, mingle, try new foods, meet new people, shop and go to sporting events.  But one of her favorite pastime hobbies is traveling.  She’s had the opportunity to travel abroad to Spain, China, Alaska, Canada, and Hawaii.  Gail says that if the pandemic had not hit, she would have been travelling to South Africa, Dubai, Belize and back to China.  Her motto is to “Live My Best Life.”

Gail is proud, honored and overjoyed to be featured on the Oh So Classy Spotlight.  She continues to pray for CLS and what this organization is contributing to the world.  She requests that others pray for her to let her light shine so others may see her good works and that God may be glorified in heaven. 

Gail feels that her responsibility in life is to help others who are in the darkness and to facilitate their breakthrough to a life of wholeness, love, joy, peace and happiness. 

She says she’s been a member of several clubs, groups, organizations, and businesses, but none can compare to the love, comradery, sisterhood, partnership and volunteerism that she’s experienced with CLS.  

“Joining Classy Living Society is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made,” says Gail.  She wanted to be a sister because of CLS’ mission and the organization’s values, programs, compassion, mentorship, leadership, entrepreneurship and strong commitment to empowering women.  Gail lives by those same values and has been so impressed with what she’s experienced that she has invited a number of her friends to join her on the volunteering journey.  They too have become active members.  

Gail calls CLS “a well running machine.”  She sees the organization’s leadership being very intentional and hard working to accomplish the vision of the founder, LaShanda Pitts.  

Gail notes that she’s never seen any isims or schisms among CLS leadership or the sisters.  The members of CLS have always portrayed kindness and love.  This is what has led her to remain committed to help push CLS’ mission and vision of service and sisterhood forward.  

Congratulations Gail Jackson!  You are a true example of a Classy Sister.  We applaud you for your commitment and dedication to making a major impact in our communities.

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Carol Houston

WOW! What a wonderful story. You really walk the talk.

Avis Pitts

Congratulations Gail! You are one amazing woman!

Joyce Seymour

Hi Gail, this is very inspiring. I wish I had the ability to do what you do. One day I will. It is my dream.

DeWan Green

Wow a wonderful sister of God’s Grace

Tyrone Williams

Congratulations mom!! You are truly an amazing person ??

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