The Spotlight’s on our Oh So Classy member Jeanette Whipple

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The spotlight’s on our Oh So Classy member Jeanette Whipple!

She’s part of a core group of ladies who’ve decided to engage with Classy Living Society on the highest membership level…the Oh So Classy level.

Jeanette is originally from Paterson, New Jersey. She’s lived in Georgia for the past 20 years, so she definitely calls the Peach State her home. Jeanette’s been happily married to the love of her life for 12 beautiful years, and even though she has no children, she does have a lovely pet Shih Tzu named Jada. Jeanette served in the Armed Forces for seven years and is now a U.S. Armed Forces veteran who served in the Gulf War. We thank Jeanette for her service to this country. She is the youngest of a fantastic family of six.

Jeanette has had a remarkable career in the Information Technology (IT) industry for over 30 years, and she recently achieved a dream of hers by becoming an entrepreneur. She established a Real Estate Investing LLC.

Jeanette has an extreme love for travel. Her adventures have taken her to Spain, London, Aruba, Barbados, Rome, Cabo San Lucas, Grand Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic, Saudi Arabia, Saint Lucia, Saint Martin, Puerta Vallarta, Acapulco, Cozumel, Cancun, Bahamas, Hawaii, St. Thomas and many other exciting destinations.

Along with amazing travel comes amazing cuisine! Some of the most memorable dishes she’s savored abroad include Keri-Keri (a main dish in Aruba), Stoba (a fantastic stew), Conch Stew, Paella, Kabsa (a mixed rice dish originally from Saudi Arabia), Chicken Tikka Masala (a dish of chunks of roasted marinated chicken in a spiced curry that’s popular in the United Kingdom), and Flying Fish with Cou Cou (the national dish of Barbados).

Jeanette also enjoys exercising and doing some serious shopping.

Jeanette was asked why she joined Classy Living Society?
She said she joined CLS because she wanted to be part of an organization whose focus is to support and generously give back to the community in various ways. Jeanette also wanted to meet and connect with other women from diverse backgrounds. She wanted to engage with women with varying goals and expansive aspirations, along with being involved with a group that knew how to have fun always with a purpose in mind. Jeanette says that CLS checked all of the boxes for her, and she hasn’t been disappointed. She is delighted to be a member and looks forward to many more years of membership and service.

Become an Oh So Classy member today.

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Angela Monroe

Great spotlight. Jeanette, you are truly an inspiration! I look forward to connecting with you and thank you for your service!


Great article about this Oh So Classy sista! Continue spreading your worth to the world!

Maurita H.

Yes, ma’am! This is what ‘when the ‘Why’ becomes your mission’ looks like!

Janine Lattimore

I liked this lady the very first time I met her! So warm and friendly with a great spirit. I feel privileged to know her and be a fellow Oh So Classy CLS member! Thanks for sharing your story and your sisterhood!

Bettye Burney

Congratulations Jeannette on being in the spotlight. Your biography is amazing with excitement of your accomplishments. Thank you for serving our country so I’m sending you a virtual hug ? for being such an awesome person.

Sabrena Thomas

Congratulations Jeanette I can see why you were chosen for Oh So Classy Spotlight . You are doing admirable things . Your service to others shine through.

Olivia Rudder-Wilson

Congratulations Jeanette Whipple!!! A well deserved spotlight…I am happy to call you a sister. Thank you for your service to our country!???

Gail Jackson

Congratulations Jeanette you have a great portfolio and have been all over the world. So Happy to have you as a CLS sister. You bring a lot to the organization.

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