The Spotlight’s on our Oh So Classy member Kenya Hughes

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Oh So Classy Spotlight – Kenya Hughes

Let’s turn the spotlight on our Oh So Classy member Kenya Hughes!

Kenya is committed to Classy Living Society’s highest membership level…the Oh So Classy level, where members continue to enjoy unique perks and fabulous benefits.

Kenya shared why she joined CLS. She’d been following Classy Living Society on social media for a while and loved that the organization gave back to the community in so many different ways. She was excited about the various ways to volunteer. After attending the Red Dress Gala in 2017, Kenya felt so welcomed even though she didn’t know anyone there. She had an amazing time! After continuing to follow CLS, she attended the Christmas Pajama Party ~ The Mingle Jingle, and that was it…she was sold! She laughed! She danced! She cried! She joined!

Kenya was born and raised in the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina, known for its elegant French Quarter, Battery promenade, and Waterfront Park. She enjoyed growing up there as her dad was granted an Air Force transfer from Ramstein AFB, Germany, to Charleston when she was five years old. Kenya loved learning about the history of Charleston and now reflects that as painful as the past is for this city, the people are incredibly resilient. She sees so much love and culture in “The Holy City,” where she’s always embraced her childhood memories. Friendly people, fantastic food, and those breathtaking beaches were Kenya’s backdrop, and living only 25 minutes from the beach was an added bonus for her.

Because Kenya’s parents always invited people to their home for the holidays or whenever there was a need, she knows this is where she developed her heart for giving and serving the community. Kenya remembers that her family was always serving others when she was growing up. Back then and now, it just seems like the natural thing to do. Her parents never said no when she constantly brought people who didn’t have any family to their home during the holidays. So she just kept bringing them. These random acts of kindness have followed Kenya, and now she and her husband continue to help families in need. Kenya will never forget their first act of kindness, where she and her husband fully furnished an apartment for a mom, her two daughters, and two grandchildren two weeks before Christmas. “We do things when we are led by God,” says Kenya, and many more people in need have crossed their path since then.

Kenya feels that her mother has been the most significant influence in her life, and her parents established a firm foundation for her. She’s grateful for the discipline she’s had in her life and knows that this has helped her experience the success she enjoys today.

Kenya says her test is her testimony, and not having children of her own has been a test. She’s taken that pain and has turned it into purpose by giving all she has to those who need it the most. Kenya tries to encourage women never to give up and, more importantly, don’t lose hope. She feels that we all have something worth fighting for, and we all have to decide for ourselves what it is and what it’s worth. Kenya says we all have a story, but it’s what we’re willing to do with that story that counts. She decided to choose joy despite it all and doesn’t hesitate to share her story to give others hope. She continues to find joy in the journey.

Kenya moved to the Atlanta area in 2002 and has lived in Alpharetta, Ga. for the past 15 years. She’s been married to her wonderful husband, John Hughes, for 14 years, and even though they haven’t been blessed with children of their own, Kenya says God has placed many children in their lives in many other ways. Her only niece, Erin, knows her as Funtie (fun auntie), but Kenya admits that she has many adopted nieces and nephews. She enjoys spoiling them and then sending them home!

After being featured on The Ellen Show for one of their random acts, Kenya and her husband John started a non-profit organization called “We Are The Hughes.” Their “Ellen” money helped them get off to a fantastic start, and they’ve been going strong for over two years now. They continue to perform random acts of kindness throughout the year, and they’re able to bless many more families. Kenya says “being part of The Ellen Show is an experience that I’ll never forget.” No, she didn’t make it to the white couch, but Kenya was one of three people that Ellen highlighted out of three hundred during her 60th birthday show. Kenya and her husband were part of the One Million Acts of Good $1 Million giveaway. They were also able to mingle with Michelle Obama, Jennifer Anniston, Kevin Hart, and Channing Tatum.

Kenya has worked in retail management for 24 years, with the past six years working at Rooms To Go. She’s currently a General Manager at a North Georgia location. Seeing her sales associates and managers grow brings her so much joy! She loves her job!

Kenya loves crafting and creating. After making a fall wreath for her front door a couple of years ago and posting it on Facebook, she received 43 orders for Thanksgiving and Christmas wreaths. Kenya created a Facebook page called DYD Wreaths by Kenya. Check her out on Facebook! Kenya is currently renovating her home, and she and her husband are doing most of the work themselves, so Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, and Pinterest are her best friends. Kenya answers the call to travel and would love to see the country in an RV with her husband. Her dream is to visit Africa one day.

This Oh So Classy member is looking forward to creating more beautiful memories with Classy Living Society in the future.

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Bettye Burney

O wow Kenya what an awesome read. Your tenacity speaks volume for how you’ve chosen to choose joy over any other obstacles. Keep up the good work.

Janine Lattimore

Kenya! From the first time I met you, I knew you were someone special, and now reading your story, it proves that I am right! Your story is amazing and I see God’s blessings all up and through your life. So positive, so inspiring. Loved it!

DeWan Green

This is amazing!! God Bless Kenya Hughes and her husband for blessing others. May God shine light on The Hughes to continue the gift of serving others.


Wow!! Such an inspiring life storyKenya! I’m soo thankful for you and your your husband for being faithful servants by giving back. I pray that you and your husband are blessed. Great article.

Olivia Rudder-Wilson

What an amazing article!!! I remember meeting Kenya at the 2017 Red Dress Gala and I remember thinking “she’s so nice and has an infectious smile”. I have tuned into “We Are The Hughes” many times and absolutely love the energy that Kenya and John share no matter the subject. You are such an inspiration and I love your determination. 🥰🥰🥰

Dionne M Lackey

Love your spotlight story Kenya! Always amazing! 💕

Avis Pitts

Kenya, you and your husband are doing some amazing work in the community. Kudos to both of you and the blessing that you’re being to others. Continue to do God’s work!


Truly an amazing inspiring story. May God continue to pour blessings upon you and your husband.

Sharon McDougle

Congratulations Kenya!


Wonderful Kenya, so much inspiration!!

Monique Hines

Awesome Kenya!

LaShanda Pitts

Wow! What an inspiring journey!

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