The Wrap Up – 5 Easy Techniques for Styling a Head Wrap!

by LaShanda Pitts
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A few days ago, as I prepared to make my grocery store run to pick up a few “essentials”, I stopped short at my reflection in the mirror.  One month into this pandemic quarantine stay at home shelter in place situation has done a number on my hair! I’m missing my periodic visit to my hairstylist or barber for a trim and/or to spruce up my ‘do!  These days certainly call for bad hair day alternatives – a baseball cap or sporty fedora…or…a head wrap!  Scarves, turbans and head wraps are extremely versatile and offer the opportunity of wrapping your head in variety of colorful fabrics to suit your mood and style.  Here are 5 links to fun and easy “how-to’s” that will have you on your way to becoming a head wrap expert!



Essence Magazine recently shared “5 Easy Head Wrap Tutorials to Try Before Your Next Zoom Meeting“, which will provide a great start to variety of head wraps.  Click on the title link to be on your way!

I was drawn to YouTube as well because there are a number of tutorials offered there.  Here’s one that caught my eye because of the gorgeous fabrics!

I learned also that the structure and look of the head wrap depends on whether your hair is long or short.  I also learned you can create a tall turban even if you don’t have a bushel of hair! Like so:

Head wraps are also a great way to cover hair loss as a result of bouts with alopecia, or from chemotherapy treatments for our warrior sisters battling cancer.  Tune in to ZsjaZsja!

Finally, here’s one for my sisters with the big curlies or long braids!

There are many many awesome tutorials on Youtube that are easy to follow and just entertaining to watch!  Choose the one that speaks to your style and start wrapping!

For my grocery store journey, I went with one of the turban style head wraps featured in the Essence Magazine article, added earrings, lip gloss and was out the door!  Which of these did you like the most?  Do you wear head wraps, scarves or turbans as a regular style choice?  Tell me your head wrap story in the comments!



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Kristell Douglas

Ok so I love the way headwraps look on a lot of women I have seen, in photos and on social media but I just can’t get into them. I do like the YouTube tutorial you show here… first one. The fabrics are gorgeous. Maybe I need to find some old fabrics around my house and try it again especially when I have no idea when I’ll be able to get to my hair stylist with this pandemic. If the head wraps work for me I may run to get my nails done and waxed everywhere before my hair… smile!

Bettye Burney

The versatility of the head wrap is phenomenal. Never had to do one, but during this pandemic and not being able to go to my stylist has me wondering what to do with my hair. My hair is long and thick and of course a little nappy now. I am unable to wash and do my hair myself, but after reading the article and watching the videos I am definitely going to try another way of making my mane and appearance look great. Thanks for the info.


I’ve always loved the look of headwraps but I’ve never been successful in making them work for me. The look and the beautiful fabrics are amazingly beautiful. I’ve turned my head many times saying I wish I could get that look. These step by step tutorials help a lot. I just haven’t taken the time to research but I’m definitely willing to try. The tutorials were very informative, especially liked that first one but all were full of great ideas. For someone who doesn’t have a clue like me, this helps! Thanks for this!

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