Truly A Classy Lady…Moretta Dixon’s Light Continues To Shine

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Look in the dictionary under classy lady and you’ll find Moretta’s name.  She’s a true testament to service and dedication and as an Oh So Classy CLS member, Moretta takes her commitment to help others seriously.  She says she’s always had a tremendous spirit of giving and that’s exactly why she joined an organization like Classy Living Society.  Paying it forward has been and continues to be a strong mantra that allows her to live life as a servant leader.  Moretta firmly believes that CLS gives her many ample, unique, and rewarding opportunities to share her time and talents through service. Talk about blessings, Moretta says…” it is a tremendous blessing to be able to help those who are less fortunate than I am through so many various acts of volunteerism.”  Building a powerful partnership with like-minded women who seek to empower and improve the lives of others is what Moretta strived for.  Being a  member of CLS has given Moretta the opportunity to do just that. She was looking for a group of dedicated ladies not only to volunteer with but to also share incredible life experiences.

CLS fit right into her plans, especially after becoming an empty nester when her daughter Moranda left home for school.  Moretta describes her daughter as being both beautiful and amazing and lets her pride shine when she fondly speaks of her daughter’s accomplishments. 

Moretta grew up on the picturesque Mississippi Gulf Coast, in Moss Point, where she enjoyed opportunities for fishing, walking in beautiful outdoor parks, luxury resorts, restaurants, and other unique attractions.  After graduating from Alabama State University with a degree in Accounting/Business Management, she moved to the Atlanta area where she’s been a proud resident for 33 years. 

Moretta’s business acumen is extensive.  She originally worked for corporate America in the banking industry, then eventually ended up working for the famed Coca-Cola Company for 17 years.  Moretta acknowledges that it was a challenge working in corporate America and being a hard-working single parent, especially considering that her job required 60% travel.  These perceived hardships gave her the ability to totally empathize with others.  She understood a single mother’s plight and totally understood the obstacles. 

In 2004, Moretta made the decision to change careers and she transferred her impressive skill set to work in one of the local school districts.  She realized her true passion when she started working with students, parents, and other stakeholders.  This soon became a very rewarding experience for her.  Moretta says that it is extremely fulfilling to know that she has made an absolute impact on “at-risk” students over the years, by equipping them with the right resources and pathways for future success.  She continues to stay committed in her quest to support students with their educational endeavors.  

Besides experiencing and participating in the unique volunteer opportunities that CLS has to offer, Moretta sits on several board committees.  One such committee is KDOW (Kids’- Doc- On- Wheels) which is a subsidiary of Decatur Pediatrics. This organization offers access to a program that prepares America’s youngest children to succeed in school by partnering with doctors to prescribe books and encourage families to read together.  The program is for children age 6-months through age 5.  Moretta’s service knows no limits or boundaries!

Now, what does a classy lady like Moretta do when she has some spare time?  She enjoys the art of vintage shopping where she usually secures the most unique finds.  She has also traveled extensively to many destinations and she well knows about the expression “wheels up!”

 Moretta has landed in exotic and remarkable places. Sophisticated Paris, beautiful Hawaii, glorious London, the tranquil blue Caribbean, the busy Panama Canal, and other European countries have been on her schedule.  She’s enjoyed every experience she’s had in these amazing places and plans to continue to travel as soon as she can.  Moretta also enjoys gardening in her yard which by the way has a lot of curb appeal.  Moretta also loves spending quality time with her family and many friends.  With the help of her new granddog Luda, she and her daughter have a great time creating memories that can be shared for years to come. 

If you ask Moretta about her ministry, she’ll say that she definitely has one.  Her ministry is her total commitment to serving the community and making a pledge to positively impact those in need.  

Your light is shining brightly Moretta, so continue to be the classy star and solid volunteer that you are!


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Such a beautiful article! Moretta, you are AMAZING! Thank you for your service to others. Keep shining!

Carol Houston

Moretta’s story is such an inspiration. Keep on living & giving!

Karteua Saddler

A beautiful, classy sister for sure.

Avis Pitts

Moretta you are an incredible lady! Continue being the amazing role model that you are!

Antonia *Nia* Williams

Great stuff!! Congratulations beautiful lady!


Beautiful inside and out.

Angela Monroe

I enjoyed reading this article about Moretta. This article solidified Moretta’s beauty and grace. You are truly an inspiration.

Monique Dickinson

Moretta you’re amazing and I love your spirit! It’s a blessing to be a blessing!!!


A beautiful article about a beautiful lady! I wonder if I can meet Luda too! : )

Chafony Poole

Congratulations and continue to allow your light to SHINE!!! Love you..

Olivia Rudder-Wilson

Absolutely Beautiful article!!! So much beauty being shared by this beauty.🥰🥰🥰


Great article, love Classy. Love Moratta!!!

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