Turn Your Bathroom Into an Oasis

by LaShanda Pitts
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The bathroom is a common place in our homes that we all spend a consistent amount of time per day. Still, a few simple additions can turn your everyday bathroom experience into a daily ritual that rejuvenates, calms, and relaxes.

The ritual of cleansing is an ancient global practice that consists of many forms of sensory experiences that have pampered royalty, and was a symbol of preparation, focus, or a retreat from daily stress. A few simple changes to your bathroom can create an experience that manifests a spa-like ambiance that you can experience regularly. The key to creating a truly relaxing oasis is to trigger all five senses in one ecosystem.

Appeal to Your Sense of Vision by Starting With Decor

A great place to start when creating your in-home oasis is to begin with your physical space by making a few simple changes to your bathroom decor.

  • Upgrading your bathroom fixtures will take your cleansing experience to another level. Installing a different shower head that’s detachable or has multiple spray patterns is an easy do-it-yourself project that can enhance your time in the shower. A rain shower head creates an instant feeling of relaxation and also conserves water. Decorative curtain rods, cabinets, and light fixtures can add another unique touch that will make your design more cohesive.
  • Changing your shower curtain can instantly create a different vibe. There are many stunning patterns, textures, and imagery currently on the market that can add a lively picture or touch of color to your bathroom.
  • Choose calming colors for any new enhancements that you make to your space. Anything in the blue, violet, green, gray, or tan family are standard color bases that often create a soothing environment. If bright colors cheer you up, splashes of yellow, pink, or other vibrant colors or fixtures will enrich your space.
  • Adding small plants or other greenery can be part of your ritual. If you have a small space, making a habit of bringing in and watering your plants as part of your bathroom routine could add additional purpose and excitement to your cleansing ritual.


Incorporating High-Quality Materials Will Invigorate Your Sense of Touch

The higher the quality of materials in rugs, towels, or bath wear, the more comfortable the material will feel against your skin. Avoid scratchy or hard fabrics for your rug, bath wear, and towels. An ultra-plush bath rug that has memory foam and a soft texture can provide relief for tired joints or sore feet. A pair of bathroom slippers can also provide extra foot support, and a bathrobe will help keep you warm.

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