The VIP Summer Soiree – Kicking Off the VIP Red Dress Gala Celebration!

by LaShanda Pitts
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Written by New Member, Tyra Smith

Ladies, the 7th Annual Red Dress Gala is steadily approaching and Classy Living Society kicked off its 2020 VIP package of events in celebration of the Gala this past weekend. My experience thus far as a new member of Classy Living Society has been nothing but exceptional. When I first became a member, I was told that when Classy Living Society hosts an event, they do it big!  I must say, the first of the events in the line-up of the Red Dress Gala VIP events proved this statement to be true!

The fantastic debut event was the VIP Summer Soiree – a fabulous Yellow & White Champagne Bar and Winery Brunch day trip. When I arrived at our designated meeting location, it was a beautiful sight to see.  Everyone looked amazing in various shades of yellow and white!  After we said our good mornings, we boarded our private luxury motorcoach and each of us were handed a perfectly chilled cocktail as we stepped inside.  When we arrived at our seats, we were surprised by a lovely gift:  a burlap tote filled with goodies – a branded bottle of water, beautiful yellow fan and delicious snacks! This was truly VIP treatment and as a new member, I was thoroughly impressed.  Most importantly, I felt special and proud to be part of something so beautiful.

At 10:00 a.m., we promptly took to the highway. Our drive was only 45 minutes, but we used the time as an opportunity to make introductions, showcase members’ businesses, listen to great music, laugh, and of course, enjoy plenty of refills on those cocktails!  Our destination was a surprise, so it was somewhat of an adventure for us. 

Shortly afterward, we arrived at the beautiful Montaluce Winery located in Dahlonega, Georgia. We exited the bus and did a group photoshoot in front of the Winery and Restaurant. Other guests of the winery noticed us as we walked by and complimented us on how beautiful we were in our yellow and white. Some even asked, “Who are you?” “We’re the ladies of Classy Living Society,” someone replied. After the group photo, we entered the building and were led to an exquisite outdoor patio area where the view was simply breathtaking. One of my favorite moments of the entire experience was how elegant and beautiful our table setting was. Once again, it was VIP status, and the CLS Events Team did an outstanding job. Each setting was personalized with our names and there were beautiful and vividly colored flowers decorating the table.  Glasses of sparkling champagne awaited us.

We were served quickly and we ordered and enjoyed a number of fantastic wines offered by the winery. Everything was delicious! As we were finishing our meals, we were each treated to individual professional photos with the beautiful North Georgia Mountains and the vineyards as a backdrop. 

Afterwards, we headed to our next destination, which was close by. We arrived minutes later at the rustic and serene Cavender Creek Vineyards and Winery. Here we broke off into groups, or individually, to explore, relax, and enjoy the tasting rooms, live music, food, and wine pairings or simply a glass of wine and soak in the scenic views.

After this amazing visit came to an end, we all boarded the bus and headed back to Atlanta. Just because we were headed back home did not mean the fun was over! This was indeed the definition of a “Party Bus”. We played games, listened to more music, danced in the aisle, and partied until we arrived back in Atlanta.

Everything about this day was beautiful! The Summer Soiree, the ladies of Classy Living Society in their yellow and white, the Scenic North Georgia Mountains, and most importantly, the sisterhood and celebration of the day made for a memorable experience. As a new member who joined early this year, this was my first of many events shared with CLS, and I excitedly look forward to the next. 

Classy Living Society’s Red Dress Gala VIP experience is something that you won’t ever want to miss!

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Edi Kristopher

It was a wonderful event. Everything done in the truly spirit of Cls – classy, entertaining, beautiful, inspiring and above all, fun. ❤️❤️❤️

Felicia Johnston

Well spoken Tyra. This event, as with ALL CLS events, present beautiful smiles, much laughter and lasting memories. I enjoyed this day as well and have humbly enjoyed the past 2 years with the ladies of Classy Living Society and look forward to many many more.

Angela Monroe

Wow! The summary of this event and the beautiful pictures are yet another reason I decided to become a new member of this beautiful sisterhood. Going forward, I’m looking forward to the volunteer opportunities and the sisterhood bond.

DeWan Green

I’m so excited to be a part of Classy Living Society. The energy and positive vibes are so apparent. I look forward to volunteering and fellowship with my new sisters…

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