Wellness Coloring with WIN with Dionne and CLS!

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A few Classy Living Society members recently got together for a Wednesday evening of wellness coloring hosted by CLS and WIN with Dionne. The ladies tuned in via Zoom and learned how to put together a personal wellness plan, relaxed during guided meditation and enjoyed good music and coloring!

CLS member Dionne Lackey facilitated the session and spoke on the importance of wellness and self-care, and the many benefits of meditation, including reversal of memory loss, reduction of anxiety and depression, improving digestion, focus and concentration and many more health benefits. Dionne also led a guided meditation that was just “what the doctor ordered” and the ladies finished feeling more at ease and rejuvenated! Ahhhh!

Dionne is a Certified Life Solutions Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist and Founder of Wholistic Insight Now (WIN). She is also a Self-Care Advocate, Speaker, Community Servant and Artisan with the mission to heal, educate and empower in the realm of overall self-care.

Feeling super relaxed, the ladies were ready to move on to creating! They colored their own pre-purchased coloring sheets from a coloring book entitled “Exhale: A Self Care Coloring Book – Celebrating Black Women, Brown Women and Good Vibes” created by Latoya Nicole. Latoya is a bestselling author, publisher and social entrepreneur who is creating her own lane with her brand Entrepreneurs Color Too, while bringing diversity to adult coloring books that are aimed to help women relieve stress.

Ahhh…coloring, creating, relaxing and learning with CLS. The evening was enjoyed by all! Many thanks to Dionne Lackey for the marvelous tips to assist the ladies with their wellness and self-care goals!

WIN with Dionne: www.WINwithDionne.com
Latoya Nicole: https://iamlatoyanicole.com.

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