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Marietta, GA

My blog was born after our son left home for college. My husband and I were proud empty nesters, and this was a turning point in my life. Starting my blog allowed me to be open and share my passion with others. Fashion, Food, and Life! I was determined that life’s circumstances would not get me down. I wanted to greet my new lifestyle with a wave of confidence. I wanted to find a way to share my love for dresses and vintage clothing with other people. After careful thought I chose www.DressingForMe.com. Ten people read it and I was delighted. I wanted to blog about overcoming my day-to-day life and still being fabulous and to communicate with people who might be in the same boat as me.


Being an empty nester is most parents’ dream after a job well done raising their children, but it can get boring after a while. I wanted to meet new people who had the same interest for passion for vintage clothing and female empowerment. I’m an introvert to the 10th degree. I hate putting myself in the spotlight and opening myself up for criticism. Blogging takes courage. You have to be willing to show who you are and accept the fact that you will be criticized, condemned, and challenged. But you’ll also inspire, motivate, and encourage. The second part has really given me the courage to keep doing my blog and putting myself out there despite the potential criticisms that come with it.


My proudest moment is when someone sees you or writes to you to tell you you've inspired them. That is the greatest reward.

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I love surrounding myself with strong and like-minded individuals.


I believe success is defined by who you are and the person you aspire to be. Success is measured differently for each person. What may be a small accomplishment for one person can be a huge milestone for another. Someone once told me to treat all your accomplishments the same, no matter how small they may seem.

In today’s society, people are always comparing each other’s success, but the goals you set for yourself can only be achieved through your own hard work and perseverance. Be proud of what you do so that no one can belittle your goals and dreams.

Whenever I achieve a new objective, I am grateful because now I know that I am one step closer to conquering my overall goal. We all want to be successful, and everyone is more than capable of achieving it. Ultimately, you alone define success, and that is what gives you your own sense of purpose and motivation to conquer the obstacles that are ahead. Success is when you are proud of who you are.

Wendy Derilus-Joseph
Tel: 678-262-7072




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