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When it comes to reaching out…

Classy Living Society’s new REACH membership level is designed to connect and unite  members who live outside of the state of Georgia. Our focus has been, and will continue to be, providing a unique sisterhood bonding experience for our members by offering exclusive, one-of-a-kind perks and opportunities that will empower women to produce positive change.  As a successful volunteer organization, CLS is committed to impacting communities around the world and transforming lives through dedicated service to those in need. CLS’s REACH level membership is currently being offered in lieu of our “stand-alone” societies, in order to promote a more comprehensive and first-rate experience for our out-of-state members. 

If you’d like to join CLS on the volunteer journey and you live outside of Georgia, choosing the REACH membership level is easy!  Simply select REACH and read the amazing details about your level. If you want to make a difference…make a lasting impact…give back to those who need a hand up and be part of a unique sisterhood…the REACH membership tier provides the perfect opportunity for you to do so … from wherever you live!

$14 (monthly) – REACH (outside of Georgia)

*$50 admin fee – one time processing fee to cover the cost of the online on-boarding process, branded CLS t-shirt for volunteering.  A portion of the admin fee will go towards supporting young women on their collegiate journey. We are aware and understand that formal education is only one stepping stone towards establishing professional success and meeting career goals, and is certainly not the only manner in which one may be successful in business. However, we also understand that sisterhood cultivated in a collegiate environment is equally pivotal to shaping future leaders. Helping young, aspiring women of color reach beyond themselves and grow into successful, and philanthropic women is a cause we are passionate about. With your support, an education-focused nonprofit will receive a donation in your name. Your giving begins today!

Learn more at: https://cls-volunteer.org/become-a-member/

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I love the positivity of this group, I felt love the minute I came to Winter Mingle, I noticed no one was a stranger. These women are powerful and will not leave you behind, you have to be ready to take the hand up…honestly I had to step up my game in a good way not a judgmental way, there were things that I wanted to change about myself and I have. I will be glad when we can be great again. I look forward to many more adventures with the fine ladies of CLS!

Cherrett Callaham

I love being a part of such an amazing organization! These ladies are beautiful, smart, accepting, and successful. Joining CLS was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I was super nervous about going on the bus trip to Savannah, because I wasn’t sure if I was going to fit in. I experienced nothing but love, laughter and a little ratchetness ( loved it). I didn’t personally get to meet everyone personally, but no one hesitated to hop in a pic or wave hello as our paths crossed in the Savannah streets! CLS is Da Best!!

Avis Pitts

Inspiration and vision do not happen accidently. They are purposeful and the REACH membership is a prime example of just that. This membership level is truly an inspiration. Being able to connect with like-minded women across the world who value service and appreciate being agents of change, is an awesome blessing. Being able to be part of this journey is even more of a blessing. CLS continues to evolve…to grow! REACH is going to expand our ability to provide unlimited possibilities. I’m grateful to have experienced the growth over the years and look forward to being part of an awe-inspiring… Read more »

Tyra Smith

Being a new member who joined CLS at the first of this year I can honestly say that CLS has been everything that I imagined it to be. Even with the unexpected turn of events with Covid-19 I’ve been able to meet some amazing women, visit some new and exciting places and give back by signing up for volunteer opportunities all provided to us by CLS. All this in just a matter of a few months. I think by offering the REACH Membership it would allow women all over the same opportunity to become a part of a beautiful sisterhood… Read more »


Please see attached

Bettye Burney

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member of CLS. Being distraught after my mother’s passing 5 years ago on August 6, I needed an outlet. Heard about this amazing group through my oldest daughter and here I am. I have found this organization of ladies to be loving, kind and considerate. The bond we show through volunteerism is amazing, no one is trying to outdo the other, just reaching back to make sure we are all on board for the same cause. I am in my ‘happy place’ each time I volunteer be it in person or virtual giving of… Read more »

Deloria Chubbs

Classy Living Society, you never cease to amaze me! Just when I think you have reached the pinnacle with a fabulous event, an inspirational act of kindness, a BIG HEART for service, you blow my mind yet again!!! Now, with the introduction of the New Membership Level – REACH!…you have raised the bar AGAIN. I see…we are no longer shooting for the stars…we are aiming for the moon! I am honored to be a member of this awesome organization. From my first event, Mingle Jingle 2019, I felt like family! Yes sis, I joined CLS during my first encounter. I… Read more »

mingle jingle cls.jpg
Tee Caxton

I’m so excited to a part of CLS…#HOUSTON

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