Your Best Possible Self

by LaShanda Pitts
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And just like that…we have both feet into the New Year 2020!

What are some of the goals you’d like to accomplish or press the start button on this year?  Do you know what tools you’ll need to succeed? There are a ton of books, websites, videos, podcasts and all that can help you reach your goals, but no matter what information you choose to digest…the real success begins with you.  You are the one who will make yourself a winner!

The Best Possible Self Technique

I’ve been reading about a mental/emotional exercise called “Best Possible Self” – which is a technique to bring about positive thinking.  This is how it works: visualize yourself virtually problem-free and living your dream life at some point in the future, i.e. one year, five years and so on.  Take some time thinking about where you’d like to be in your life by that time and jot down the particulars in a journal. Your visualization needs to be realistic, something you know you can achieve, even if it requires a little work.

The next step is to write down all of the necessary things you need to do to get there — traits you need to adopt or knowledge you need to acquire.  What plans do you need to make to make your dream/goal a reality? At the bottom line, the Best Possible Self exercise allows you to visualize where you’d like to be, make plans to get there, but more importantly, it gives you something to look forward to today, increasing your present level of happiness, hope and well-being.  It also aids in eradicating “rearview mirror” thinking, which is the act of dwelling on past failures, situations and people.  Dwelling on the past will hold you back from forward movement.

The Art of Visualization

Following the Best Possible Self technique is similar to creating a vision board, a popular visualization tool for children and adults alike.  What better pass time at the first of the year to put your dreams and goals into clear focus than to create a collage of cut-out pictures, photos and words?  It’s even more exciting to look back on past vision boards to see what dreams have come to fruition for you. Have you ever created a vision board?

I rely heavily on visualization in my life – for instance, if I’m purchasing a home, I have to stand in the home and visualize myself living there, or else it’s not the home for me.  Visuals and instinct have rescued me from some serious situations, has helped me make decisions, and reassured me “it’s already alright” when my faith was diminishing.

Whether you use the Best Possible Self method of journaling, creating a vision board or relying day-to-day on the dreams and visions that swim around in your head – when you see things clearly in the future, much of what you visualize will materialize.  In these changing times, hope for your own future is just a daydream away.

“Visualize the most amazing life imaginable to you. Close your eyes and see it clearly. Then hold the vision for as long as you can. Now place the vision in God’s hands and consider it done.” Marianne Williamson


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Mecca Meschét Mitchell

I love this. I have been setting goal lists every year since 2014 about a year and a few months after my divorce. I write down dreams and goals, no matter how big or small, on a large board, meditate and pray over those goals, hang it up on my bedroom wall, and get to living. It amazes me how a few months later I can look back at that list and check off some things I’ve accomplished just by living my dream and walking the walk. Good luck to all on your goals! Mecca

Bettye Burney

This is awesome. I keep a tablet or some type of writing paper close by. I haven’t done a vision board, but when thoughts come to mind of where I see myself in a week, month, year on particular projects I think of, it helps to see how they’ve come to fruition. Getting into a quiet and comfortable atmosphere helps me to see clearly on the things I want to accomplish, so I have to ‘still away’ as my mother would often tell me and concentrate on me. The point you make of closing my eyes helps me to shut… Read more »

Issatou Fall

AMAZING ARTICLE !! Another great read. Every year I sit down with myself and ask what do I want from this NEW year. I try not to overdo it because I don’t wish to overwhelm myself. So, I break it up into different categories because it makes me see clearly. I think the vision board is incredible. I am a big advocate for them. I think you should make a vision board twice in the year because things change throughout the months, and so should your vision board. I am so here for being the best version of yourself !!… Read more »

Alecia B

For the year of 2020 it is my goal and belief that I will become more financially disciplined. Some methods for achieving this goal is to meditate and visualize the benefits of this new found freedom. Small sacrifices for long term reward.

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