Your Eyes are Front & Center – CLS Talks with Kim Roxie, LAMIK Beauty!

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On the evening of August 11, Classy Living Society hosted a CLS Talks with special guest International Beauty Expert and Brow Esthetician Kim Roxie. Ms. Roxie, who is also the Founder and CEO of LAMIK Beauty, took over Facebook Live and delivered a vivacious presentation titled, “Your Eyes are Front and Center; Learn to Smize Them!”

Smize: to assume a playful or alluring expression of the eyes.

These days during the pandemic, our eyes are more front and center than ever before.  With Zoom video conferences peppered throughout our remote work days and wearing masks in public, our eyes are the focal point.  So why not make sure they’re visually appealing!   Ms. Roxie demonstrated how to do just that – with LAMIK Beauty’s Celebrity Brow kit.  In the session, CLS members learned a few great tips about how to DIY their brows and eye makeup.  They also learned how the brow kit can be used four different ways: concealer, eyeshadow primer, eyeliner, and eyeshadow!  

The session was truly amazing, as Ms. Roxie is as lively, spirited and engaging as they come!  It is nearly impossible to interact with her and not get caught up in her dynamic energy!  The ladies learned, laughed and came away armed with new techniques to get those eyebrows popping!  There were a few giveaways as well!  

Kim Roxie has been at the forefront of celebrating the beauty of multicultural women since she founded LAMIK in 2004, while still a college student in Atlanta. She didn’t set out to become an entrepreneur at 21, but was inspired to create her own line when she researched the ingredients in the brands available to her customers while working at a cosmetics counter part-time while in school. Dismayed by the unhealthy ingredients she uncovered, Kim decided to become the change she was looking for and founded LAMIK, an environmentally conscious cosmetics line that would not only look good on women of color but also be good for them. By naming her brand LAMIK, which means Love and Makeup in Kindness, Kim signaled that her brand was about more than makeup. She believes in promoting a deeper meaning of beauty, that it emanates from the inside out.

Want more info about Kim Roxie, LAMIK and her Celebrity Brow Kit?  Click here:  LAMIK Beauty.  

Follow her on social media:

Facebook:  LAMIK Cosmetics / Facebook

Twitter: LAMIK Beauty / Twitter

Instagram: LAMIK Beauty / Instagram

CLS Talks is an exciting virtual platform by which CLS will bring informative insights to support, among other things, women’s physical, relational and financial health.  The goal of CLS Talks is to educate the participants of these unique video sessions on important topics related to women’s health.


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