Adopt A Road, Volunteering

Adopt A Road Program – Gwinnett County, Georgia!

A few of the ladies of Classy Living Society got together on a Saturday recently and cleaned our adopted road in Gwinnett County!

The Adopt-a-Road litter prevention initiative, sponsored by Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful and Gwinnett County Department of Transportation, enables citizens to show their pride in Gwinnett and safely reduce the amount of unsightly trash and illegal signage alongside county roadways. Unkempt communities are more likely to have increased crime, decreased economic growth and a decline in quality of life. The litter prevention efforts of the Adopt-a-Road program directly benefit the community through litter prevention, greater civic involvement, and area beautification.

The ladies walked up and down our stretch of road and picked up litter in the name of beautifying the County. We are always proud to see the Classy Living Society name on our sign posted on the road and excited to be a part of helping a county in our community stay beautiful!

written by Janine Lattimore

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