Classy Living Society’s Virtual Celebration of National Volunteer Week 2020

National Volunteer Week 2020 was observed during the week of April 19 through April 25 and Classy Living Society celebrated it in a creative way all week long!

What is National Volunteer Week?

National Volunteer Week – hashtag #NVW – is an annual recognition of the thousands of volunteers across the country who keep many community service organizations running and provide countless volunteer services that otherwise would not exist without them.  Established by the organization Points of Light, #NVW serves as an opportunity to recognize volunteers who lend their time, talent and voice to make a difference.  It is also a great time to volunteer and provide support to organizations and individuals in our communities.

What Does This Mean For CLS?

Each year, CLS plans a week filled with volunteer activities to celebrate #NVW.  Unfortunately, with the current COVID-19 pandemic comes restrictions, #stayathome orders and social distancing, which has impacted our ability to physically connect and volunteer in our local communities … but that didn’t damper the festivities!

In keeping with its unique approach to volunteerism, CLS dug in deep and re-imagined its #NVW celebration by scheduling a number of amazing and meaningful virtual opportunities throughout the week.  And OH, what a week it was! Through  virtual efforts, CLS members made a way to find purpose, engage and make a difference in our communities and each other, just the way they always do!

Using the hashtags #ClassyLivingSociety, #WomenVolunteers, #CommunityFirst, #SisterhoodMagic, #PointsofLight, #GiveBack and #NationalWomensorg, CLS members posted their virtual activities each day on their social media timelines, which provided inspiring human interest stories to their families, friends and others each day.  Who among us couldn’t use a good heartwarming story these days!

Here is a snapshot of each day’s activities:

Sunday, April 19 (Volunteer Week 2020 Opening Ceremony) – Honor Our Caregivers Sunday

CLS donated breakfast to staff members at nursing homes in each CLS Society location across the nation and CLS members  mailed thank you cards to those staff members in appreciation of their service to our elderly community.

Monday, April 20 – Love Thy Neighbor Monday

CLS members surprised their neighbors with flowers and an encouraging note as a way of thanking them and showing neighborly love.  The smiles and appreciation from each lucky recipient demonstrated that this gesture of love and kindness made their day!

Tuesday, April 21 – First Responders’ Love Day

Members delivered pizzas to local fire stations to show appreciation for these first responders’ service to our community.  What on earth would we do without our first responders?  Each of us owes a debt of gratitude to these superheroes!

Wednesday, April 22 – Beauty Industry Love Day

Unless you know exactly what to do with your hair, fingernails, toenails, brows, lashes, etc. all by yourself – you are definitely missing your beauty industry professional right now!  CLS members showed their personal hair stylists, nail, lash technicians, and/or estheticians how much they appreciate them and their services.  The ladies showed their beauty gurus how much they were missed by treating them to lunch, sending them monetary donations or purchasing gift cards to cover a future service.  They also shared information on the great service the experts have provided on their social media outlets.  While this endeavor was carried out to show love, CLS also hoped to play a collective and meaningful role in keeping these amazing small businesses afloat during these times.  Every little bit helps!

Thursday, April 23 – Bring Awareness to a CLS Nonprofit Partner

Thursday was the day CLS members used their social media platforms to bring awareness to an amazing organization called Helping Mamas. The mission of Helping Mamas is to connect helping mamas with mamas needing help.  As the “baby supply bank of Georgia”, they are committed to providing essentials to babies and mothers at no cost.  For information on Helping Mamas, visit their website: https://helpingmamas.org/   Stay tuned for future great efforts in which CLS will partner with Helping Mamas!

Friday, April 24 –  Family & Friends Friday

In this world of technology, the handwritten note is a lost art nowadays.  Yet, the power of sending and receiving a note of thanks, gratitude or expressing love and kindness is still relevant!  CLS members mailed “thinking of you” cards and handwritten notes to friends and family.  Everyone needs some love shown to them right now and the ladies used the power of the handwritten note/card and brought sunshine to someone’s day!

Saturday, April 25 – (Volunteer Week Closing Ceremony) Self Care Saturday

The final day of National Volunteer Week presented an opportunity for CLS members to pamper and love on themselves.  Some of the ladies used this day to order carryout from their favorite restaurant, take a walk, purchase a spa day for future use or simply enjoyed soaking up the sunshine on their patio or yard.

It was an amazing week celebrating National Volunteer Week for Classy Living Society!  At the heart of CLS is its service to the community and its special attention to its members.  The current pandemic challenged CLS to become creative with its celebration of this annual event – the challenge was accepted and accomplished!    Just one of many reasons that CLS is known as the national women’s community service organization with an innovative approach to volunteerism.  We join hands with Points of Light in their statement that “doing good comes in many forms, and we recognize and celebrate them all.”

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