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The Classy Living Society 7th Anniversary is a Celebration for the Children

It’s a celebration…

 May 18, 2020, marks Classy Living Society’s 7th Anniversary and we are so proud of our growth and all of our major milestones and achievements over the years.  A momentous occasion such as this deserves a momentous celebration!  We are opening this year’s festivities to the public!  As we continue to adhere to social distancing rules, we are adding a 7th Anniversary Celebration virtual opportunity to our calendar to give back to nonprofit children’s organizations.  CLS is requesting that video story readings be sent to a nonprofit for homeless children and are planning a special outreach and gifts of love to foster care nonprofits.

The Classy Details:

Volunteer Video Storytime

As part of our recent National Volunteer Week, Atlanta CLS member Terry Denham filmed a video story reading for Vogel Alcove, a Dallas, Texas based organization whose mission is to help young children overcome the lasting and traumatic effects of homelessness.

Submit a video of yourself reading a children’s book to Vogel Alcove for them to show to the children in the organization’s care.  Submission instructions can be found at the link below:

In addition to submitting to Vogel Alcove, please post your video on the timeline of the Facebook event post.

For inspiration, take a look at Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s recently launched weekly video reading series for children in partnership with PBS and Penguin Random House called Mondays with Michelle Obama on PBS Kids’ Youtube channel (

You can also find Terry Denham’s story reading on her YouTube page – MsTerry Reads:

Outreach to Foster Care Organizations

Did you know…

One of the much-needed items for foster children as they move to new foster homes, etc. are travel bags, duffle bags and/or suitcases?  Children moving into foster homes are often required to pack their personal belongings in trash bags as foster care organizations do not typically have the funds to purchase suitcases for them.  Giving a foster child suitcases or other travel vessels that are theirs to keep provides a reliable way for foster children to transport their belongings and help a child maintain their self-dignity at a time that could be difficult for them.

CLS is asking interested donors to purchase small suitcases or duffle bags through Amazon to be sent directly to one of the foster care organizations listed below. As an addition or alternative, visit the chosen organization’s website and donate any other item(s) outlined by them as a need.

Help us celebrate Year Number 7 … by helping us do what we do what’s at the heart of CLS – giving back to the community.  This year, it’s about the children!


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