Women play an instrumental role in today’s consumer demographic and have tremendous purchasing power. CLS firmly believes in supporting small businesses and helping to keep the small business community active and profitable. We offer our members the ability to obtain discounts on products and services provided by participating vendors. We encourage our members to frequent the businesses and vendors that support CLS’s effort to make a difference in the community. Advertise your business with Classy Living Society!

Please show your support for small businesses as they support CLS in helping to make a difference in our communities! “Invest in You, While Investing in Others”.


The Red Dress Gala is an annual fundraising event for Classy Living Society. The gala is to honor and applaud the extraordinary work of an organization we are passionate about; and to introduce CLS as a premier women’s -centered nonprofit organization with a sincere and deep-rooted enthusiasm for philanthropic efforts surrounding volunteerism.Celebrating the Cause is a mantra which is often expressed amongst those who are familiar with CLS and our relentless enthusiasm for inspiring, socializing, mobilizing and encouraging like-minded women to be someone greater than themselves and volunteer!


Formerly, the Classy Chronicles was the official online digital magazine of Classy Living Society. The newly revamped Classy Chronicles is now a platform housed on the Classy Living Society website! Through easy-to-navigate dropdown menus, the Classy Chronicles provides an outlet to many subjects of interest at the click of a mouse – articles and features that highlight people who are doing amazing things in the community, health and wellness, work-life balance, beauty and fashion and more!

When you advertise on the Classy Chronicles platform, you will become a part of something bigger than yourself by giving back to the community! A portion of the proceeds from advertisement sales will benefit Classy Living Society’s 501(c)(3) entities: Legacy for Change and CLS Cares and are tax-deductible.



CLS is on the move…
and this is the place for you to find out all about it! From travel to community events, special features and fabulous socials, CLS on the Move is a blog exclusively for you — a weekly update on all the news about Classy Living Society, exciting people, amazing organizations and beyond. 


Classy Living Society is committed to enriching the lives of those in our communities. We are also invested and committed to enriching the lives of each and every one of our members. With that vision in mind, we are ecstatic to introduce you to the CLS Biz Zone, a collective effort to facilitate development and growth in businesses as well as in our members.

CLS Biz Zone is an exciting venture that is comprised of 4 distinct divisions; each division fashioned to empower, rejuvenate and promote growth.


CLS is committed to hosting high-end, premier events, galas and social functions throughout the year. CLS hosts several “open to the public” events yearly which lend themselves to expectant attendance of 100 to 300 persons. Please note, as our CLS Events Calendar fills with charitable events, giving campaigns, galas and social and networking mixers this is a perfect opportunity to take your virtual vendor presence and be at the forefront to vend your goods and services.

Stay tuned for MORE exciting vendor opportunities!