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Enrollment Fee -  $35.00*

The $35.00* enrollment fee is due upon joining CLS.
The fee is to be paid in monthly installments.
(Pay in full options are available upon request)

*Payments will be drafted from your account on the 1st day of each month. CLS is on the move and we thank you for your membership!

As an innovative and highly successful national women’s community service organization, Classy Living Society (CLS) goes beyond the ordinary in its offerings to its members. With the goal in mind to build a strong foundation of members who are inspired to effect change in our communities, CLS strongly believes in offering the very best benefits and incentives to members so that they are fulfilled, engaged and content.

Join CLS and look forward to these amazing and exclusive member benefits:

  • Classy Connect - our private social media site where members can connect across the country

  • Free shipping on our SHADE lipstick line (5% off)

  • The Classy Woman Reads Book Club - a quarterly event to discuss a book chosen from various bestseller lists including Oprah’s Book Club!

  • CLS Talks - unique video zoom sessions to discuss important topics related to women geared to educate and inspire!

  • Classy Living Society monthly members-only Wine Club!
  • Learning with CLS - classes and forums that offer innovative ways to learn something new, i.e. golfing, a new language, public speaking, and more!

  • Dine and Discuss - social events at various locations to encourage sisterhood bonding through lively discussion!

  • Weekend Give-Away Project (give-away = go “away” to “give” back) Give-Aways are economical weekend excursions to various U.S. cities to participate in special community service initiatives, create sisterhood bonding and bring awareness to CLS!
  • CLS Travels - a Classy way to present first-class travel and entertainment to its members and guests!

  • Unique volunteer efforts/opportunities - innovative and creative ways to give back to the communities that we serve!

  • Society Saturdays/Get on the Bus and volunteer - a quarterly event; get on the bus with CLS and travel to various locations to volunteer; this is a synchronized effort with all CLS Societies!

  • First-class social events - CLS hosts glamorous, unique and personalized events that encourage sisterhood bonding; the perfect opportunity to get out and enjoy yourself!

  • Health and Wellness - let us provide you with the necessary tools and resources to meet your health and wellness goals!

  • Annual Red Dress Gala - premier annual fundraising event hosted by CLS to benefit, honor and celebrate amazing organizations and people doing great things in the community!

  • Classy Living Award opportunities - the opportunity to receive awards, highlights and special features to recognize your contribution within the organization!

  • Classy Talkers - toastmasters

  • And so much more…

CLS offers a variety of membership tiers and the choice is yours – depending on your desired level of involvement! You possess the freedom to choose a more closely customized membership that’s just right for you! The Oh So Classy level offers additional private exclusive benefits including additional discounts, special events and more!


Classy Living Society Membership Tiers

Takirah Jones

"What I love about CLS! Who wouldn't want to be apart of an organization with the heart to give back! The selfless acts of kindness, community service, sisterhood bonding, entrepreneurial support, and the flyest founder and CEO! All while having fun!! I'm honored to be apart of this movement!"

Maureen Kemp

"I joined CLS because I love anything that gives back to the community. BUT, this group impressed me by its ability to incorporate such a large group of successful women to come together for various communities. AND, not only does it support the community, it provides a platform for businesses within the group. Sisters encouraging sisters. The world needs more of this. I am so excited for the expansion of this group. CLS is going to takeover!!!"

Monica Fowlkes

"I love being able to make a difference in this world. This organization not only gives me the opportunity to do so but it also gives me the opportunity to bond with so many beautiful positive women. "

R Mona Turenne

"I joined right away at my first RDG 2016 (in my head). I really wanted to join that day but was afraid to commit due to other obligations. I didn’t want to join and not be able to fulfill my obligations to the organization. I was sold by the website, the event and the love for one another that I felt in the room at the Gala. I felt this also from women that I met there. After five months watching, talking about it and keeping up with up coming events. I sign up five months later at one of CLS event. I’ve learned a lot and still learning. I’m loving every minute of it. Thanks LaShanda Pitts Founder!!"

Terri Carithers

"I joined CLS because I had a desire to serve my community and to make a difference all while creating new Sisterhood bonds with like-minded ladies. I was impressed with the diversity of volunteer opportunities that were available and so impressed with the genuine love I have been shown from day one. Love my CLS family."

Cheryl Kirby-Simmons

"I joined CLS to get more involved in the community. CLS gives so many opportunities to make a difference in people's lives whether it is directly or indirectly. I'm working towards a greater good and it's such an amazing and rewarding feeling."

Alia Thompson

"I was first acquainted with CLS at the 2015 RDG...I was blown away by the genuine welcome, the mutual hearts for service and the spirit of sisterhood that engulfed the room. I joined for these reasons, but more importantly because I’d found an organization that fulfilled my desire to help those that are overlooked, neglected and misunderstood."