Welcome to


We are excited that you have joined our growing family. CLS has so many amazing and remarkable initiatives and we are committed to keeping you informed. You will begin receiving a wealth of vital information that will assist you in navigating the CLS waters. With that being said, it is imperative that you read all CLS text messages and emails sent to you. We don’t want you to miss any of this information and these updates are designed to equip you with the knowledge you need to be a successful member of the organization.

Here is a snapshot of your onboarding experience.

Day 1

  • You will receive a welcome text to include onboarding information.
  • Please visit www.classyconnect.org and register for an account.
  • Classy Connect is where you connect with your sisters, find volunteer efforts, social events, membership information and more.

Day 2

Welcome from our founder.

Day 3

Read, agree and electronically sign our CLS policies which include:

  • Membership Agreement
  • Volunteer Policy for our community outreach
  • Etiquette Policy for CLS Social Events

Day 7

Log into your Classy Connect account to make updates which include making sure your profile name is your name, adding your picture, and biography.

Remember: membership fees are due on the 1st of each month. Please plan accordingly.

Make sure your payment information is accurate (billing address, credit card number). If not, please email: members@cls-volunteer.org

Day 10

You will receive information on our Women in Business, Shade, Chronicles, ChroniclesToo!, Biz Zone and other classy discounts.

Day 15

Social Media Day

Day 20

Book Club Information

Day 23

Tips from CLS Cares

Day 25

Quiz Day: Let’s test your CLS knowledge

Day 30

Survey of your onboarding experience.

Day 40

Did you know?

Day 90

A Big Congratulations to you!! You will receive a special prize for completing your
onboarding experience!

**Please wear comfortable clothing when you volunteer**


**Starting in 2019, you will be required to complete our online volunteer orientation**

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