THE CLASSY CHRONICLES is the official magazine of Classy Living Society (CLS) and highlights the nonprofit community efforts of Classy Living Society. Articles provide inspiration for giving back to the community, health and wellness, work-life balance, beauty and fashion and human interest stories. Through our own nonprofit organization CLS Cares and Legacy for Change, the magazine also features Earth-friendly tips and insightful information for young girls. Business and finance is also an integral focus, In full color, the pages come alive and will appeal to those interested in philanthropy, travel, business, style and environmental concerns, among other things.

The Chronicles also serves as a platform for small businesses to promote their business through advertising. Advertising in our magazine provides the maximum extension of reach, frequency and impact necessary to reach your target audience. We proudly support communities in 12 U.S. states, in Nigeria, in Croatia and in Dubai and we reach over 200,000 subscribers through our many media platforms.

New in 2019! Beginning with the upcoming June issue, the Classy Chronicles will be a paid subscription service with 100% of the proceeds going to our Adopt a School program! The monies collected will help purchase much-needed supplies and other resources that will assist in solidifying the future success of so many young people – here in the States and across the waters! We can’t think of any easier way to contribute to our local and global communities – the Classy Chronicles has become a charitable contribution!

Welcome to the Classy magazine that gives back…Welcome to the new Classy Chronicles!


Happy Easter!
Welcome to the Spring Edition of the Classy Chronicles! Whew!! Classy Living Society was busy in this first quarter of the year with so many awesome community service missions – and we can’t wait until you read all about it! As warmer winds begin to blow, and the sun shines a little brighter on our faces, this first issue of the year celebrates amazing people doing amazing things in the community – from our members to the organizations we partner with. It offers make-up tips, helpful pointers on going green, and reports on our book club meeting and fabulous social events. Sit back and relax with a fresh glass of lemonade in hand – and get caught up on what CLS is doing in the community. Spring has sprung!



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