“What was once a thought became a whisper.
A whisper became a conversation.
A conversation became action.
Now action has become a movement.”

Classy Living Society was founded in 2013 and since then has excelled as the premier member-based national women’s community service organization committed to volunteerism. With its hands on approach to volunteerism, CLS believes in giving back to local and global communities by partnering with nonprofits, charities and small businesses. At its core, CLS inspires sisterhood in like-minded women and promotes meaningful friendships and connections.


Classy Living Society is committed to saving our planet one step at a time with its “Go Green” initiative-CLS CARES! CLS is proud of our mission to promote sustainability wherein we will provide eco-education, earth-friendly tips and opportunities related to conservation and preservation, ride sharing, rotating volunteer events by county/town/city/area, recycling programs, promoting farmers and gardening for fresh veggies, and more. CLS realizes the key to a greener planet is in all of our hands.

What can you expect through CLS Cares?

  • Classy Eco-Education
  • CLS Ride Share Programs
  • Rotating Volunteer Efforts
  • CLS Awareness Events
  • “Seed to Sow” Programs
  • Classy Highways- Adopt a Highway Programs
  • CLS Cares Community Partnerships

Our Go Green Initiatives:


Through CLS Cares, Classy Living Society endeavors to educate its members by opening avenues to explore environmental issues and provide ways in which members can actively participate in solving environmental problems one person at a time. By broadening awareness and gaining a deeper understanding of how our individual actions and decisions impact our environment, each one of us are better equipped to take action. Our programs will provide the necessary tools to bring our members one step closer to protecting our environment and at the same time, achieving personal sustainability for now and the future. Aside from general education on environmental stewardship and the relationship of humans and nature in the environment, below is a listing of CLS Cares’ current initiatives and the offerings of each program.

Farming and Gardening Initiative

  • Overview of agricultural sustainability
  • Overview of how farming and gardening promotes environmental improvement within local communities, i.e. reduce carbon emissions, reduce the demands on commercial farmers, less pesticides and chemicals, etc. 
  • Developing and maintaining urban, backyard and container gardens
  • Instituting and maintaining community beautification programs

Adopt a Program

  • Develop/maintain Adopt a Road/Beach/Stream/Park/Spot/Park, etc. Programs in correlation with various counties and cities across the nation by assisting with beautifying and maintaining roads in nearby communities
  • Travel via rideshare to various locations to clean and maintain adopted areas
  • Educate members on importance of keeping roads, highways, parks and waterways clean and how this impacts communities and the environment

Recycling Program

  • Provide education and tips about various recycling methods and programs
  • Provide access to outside waste reduction and recycling education programs and showcase online instructional videos on what, when, where and how to recycle
  • Raise awareness: spread the message that proper recycling practices play an integral role in ensuring that even more materials can be recycled – a win for the recycling industry and the environment!

Ride Sharing

  • Provide education and resources regarding ridesharing, clean commuting and public transportation, etc. 
  • “Get on the Bus and Volunteer”, CLS’s quarterly signature event provides a way for members to rideshare while volunteering – by traveling via bus as a group to various community service events; providing a more eco-friendly mode of transportation
  • Rotation of locales for volunteer events to various cities and counties and providing information and resources to encourage members to carpool or utilize park and ride options or ride public transportation to events
  • Hold demographic competitions wherein members who reside in close proximity carpool to events together and provide incentives to encourage solidarity, i.e. custom T-shirts and competitions for their “team”
  • Rideshare resources and information are available on member website to encourage carpools

Adopt – A – Street