“My name is Ariane, but feel free to call me Ari.”

Ari’s love affair with the beauty industry spans two decades.  What began as a “side hustle” while in college proved to be a lucrative career for Ari.  After nine years of working behind the scenes on some of the most noted films and television series (she is currently working on Bad Boys 3!), Ari launched The Holistic Beauty Collective, a unique online resource committed to empowering women with the necessary tools to find joy in holistic living.  Her goal is to help women on their personal journey to explore the intrinsic connection between health, beauty and wellness and to live a life with focus on looking good while living well.   Ari is a woman of many accomplishments; read all about her and The Holistic Beauty Collective on the headliner of Chronicles Too!  Click on the link below:


Ariane Turner


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