On Friday afternoon, October 25, 2019, LaShanda Pitts, Founder of Classy Living Society spoke at MogulCon 2019 which was held at the Marriott Perimeter Center in Atlanta!

MogulCon is an amazing event where women in business, startups and more come together to share, discuss and learn from one another.  MogulCon 2019 is about providing attendees with the resources that will help them build a sustainable strategy and accelerate the growth of themselves and their businesses. Every experience at MogulCon is focused on molding attendees to think, act, and be a MOGUL.

This is MogulCon’s fourth year, and this year’s forum is focused on the subject of Building Communities!  Mrs. Pitts shared a bit of her own history when it comes to community service and founding CLS. She also spoke on the role of community service in building communities, and included valuable tips on how businesses can get involved in giving back to the community by partnering with nonprofits and organizations to provide a solid foundation for the growth and sustainability of those communities.

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