CLS has developed an exciting new platform that provides informative insight to members on various topics related to women such as physical, relational and mental and financial health!   With the ease of technology, CLS Talks is bringing valuable information to members via unique video zoom sessions.

The first session was on the evening of Wednesday, August 14!  Several members tuned in by video chat from the comfort of their homes, with glasses of wine on deck.  During this interactive and informative session, Ms. Lakia Brandenburg a/k/a/ LB or The Wife Coach spoke to the ladies on the topic “4 Ways to Prepare for What You’ve Been Praying For.”

“Jumping into marriage unprepared is as wise as jumping into a pool and not knowing how to swim.” As The Wife Coach, LB shows women how to get rid of the “fairytale syndrome” to be on the road to creating a more realistic vision for their marriages and their role as a wife.  Her goal is to teach her clients how to live the “happy wife life”! For the unmarried, the sessions are designed to educate and prepare them to become the wife they desire to be.

“Don’t play house until you’ve become a spouse!” LB’s session with the ladies last Wednesday evening was interactive and delivered with enthusiasm, wit and charm and a few laughs!  She began the session explaining the four ways to prepare for what you’ve been praying for. Each tip was geared to assist and support the single women of today, address the many challenges faced, and tips on how to navigate the dating landscape and prepare for a successful marriage.  Finally, during a Q&A session at the end, she answered questions from the participants on various personal scenarios. She is definitely an expert in her field, and a delight to learn from and interact with.

For more information on LB The Wife Coach, please see her contact information below.  Stay tuned for more news on future CLS Talks sessions!


Lakia Brandenburg (The Wife Coach)






Books Authored by LB:

Picture Perfect: Special Edition

The Tiara: Five Ways to Reign As Queen of Your Castle

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