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What is it that sparks us to make a change?  Sometimes it’s someone else’s story that lights a fire in us.  Or something we see on the street as we move through our cities and towns that just doesn’t seem right.  Or it could be our very own story that moves us into action.

Chronicles Too! – the official blog of Classy Living Society was influenced by the Classy Chronicles, the official quarterly magazine of Classy Living Society.  It features amazing people, businesses and nonprofits doing amazing things in the community. 

It takes courage to be vulnerable enough to take a stand or tell your truth.  In sharing the stories that matter, Classy Living Society intends to shine a spotlight of encouragement on the people who are making our world a better place.

Do you know of a remarkable person/business/nonprofit whose story should be told?  Or how about YOUR story? Click on the link below and enter your/their email at “Get Featured!”

Let’s spread the word about those who are shining their light in the world.  No matter how small the light of one, if we put together the individual lights of many – Oh, what a mighty light it shall be!

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