Sharon McDougle is a native of Moss Point, MS, who has lived in La Porte, TX for the past 27 years. She is a happily married mother of two, who loves to give back through her volunteer work. In addition to the Classy Living Society, she volunteers with Unveiled Aspirations and the Khambrel Foundation, as well as gives back regularly on an individual basis. She is the Executive Administrator for Unveiled Aspirations and a Houston Brand Ambassador for “That Girl”.

Sharon is a modern-day “Hidden Figure,” because of her 22-year tenure with NASA’s Space Shuttle Program. During her career, she had the honor of suiting up many astronauts in preparation for space travel, including Mae Jemison, the first African American woman astronaut, for her historic trip into space.

Sharon garnered several career firsts of her own. She was the first African-American suit tech in her department, the first and only African-American woman Crew Chief, and the first and only African American to become the manager of her department. She is also a United States Air Force veteran, where she served proudly as an Aerospace Physiology Specialist at Beale Air Force Base in California.

Being a CLS Executive Advocate is a perfect fit for Sharon and will allow her to make connections with other women who have a passion for volunteering.


What is a CLS Executive Advocate?

CLS has recently instituted an exciting new program that promises to catapult the organization even further into the national arena – the Executive Advocate program! Executive Advocates are phenomenal women who are specially appointed to become representatives of Classy Living Society in cities across the United States. They create success by making connections with women who have a passion for volunteering, nonprofit organizations and businesses in their communities. They also supervise events, teams and volunteers.

Executive Advocates promote volunteerism, provide leadership and connections for events and initiatives that contribute to the advancement of CLS. They support the organization’s mission to become innovators in volunteerism. In return, each advocate has the potential for unlimited income potential, discounts, CLS branded wear, tickets to special events, and more. Among other things, they will promote CLS events, news and information in their respective areas, attend conferences, promote and inspire sisterhood bonding and of course and volunteer alongside their membership teams!

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