Congratulations to Classy Living Society Founder LaShanda Pitts!  She is slated to speak at MogulCon 2019 which will be held at the Marriott Perimeter Center from October 24 to October 26!

MogulCon is an amazing event where women in business, startups and more come together to share, discuss and learn from one another.  MogulCon 2019 is about providing attendees with the resources that will help them build a sustainable strategy and accelerate the growth of themselves and their businesses. Every experience at MogulCon is focused on molding attendees to think, act, and be a MOGUL.

This is MogulCon’s fourth year, and this year’s forum is focused on the subject of Building Communities!  As proud as Classy Living Society is of its Founder, we also know that she is well-suited to speak on the subject of building communities!  After all, she is the founder of the premier national women’s community service organization with an innovative approach to giving back to the communities it serves.  Giving back and working within the communities by partnering with nonprofits and organizations provide a foundation for the growth and sustainability of those communities.

Sessions will also include:

  • The Global Economy: Dropshipping, Private Labeling
  • Online Marketing – How To Gain Profits With Social Media Ads
  • Building: Who’s On Your Team
  • How To Use Artificial Intelligence In Your Business (AI)
  • The Power of Community: 5 Reasons Why You Need One
  • How To Increase Your Email Conversions
  • Securing The Bag with Certifications & Contracts

For more information and to purchase your all-access pass for MogulCon; visit their website at

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