April 15th – April 21st

“If I had clean clothes I think people would treat me like a human being.” – Eric a/k/a “T-Bone,” a houseless gentleman living in Ventura Calif.
Imagine if you had clothes to wear, but weren’t able to wash them.  Keeping that thought in mind, imagine you are able to help people who are in that position – low income individuals and families who are struggling financially, and in need of assistance with laundering their clothes.
Classy Living Society presents LAUNDRY LOVE!
To open Volunteer Week, CLS will work in partnership with Laundry Love and open the doors of Cozy Clean Laundry to invite those in need to come out and launder their clothing.  Laundry Love is an organization that partners with local laundromats to clean the clothes and linens of low-income or no-income families and individuals. They see the laundromat as a place where strangers become friends, kids are known by name, hope is being hustled, and the worth of every human being is acknowledged and celebrated. ( http://laundrylove.org/)
A laundry basket containing laundry detergent and fabric softener as a love gift for the individuals and families to wash their items during the event and to take home.
The event will also be sponsored by Umi Feeds – who will provide food for our laundry “patrons” and the law firm of Council & Associates.
Come out and usher in the opening of Volunteer Week by participating in this special “sudsy” love effort for people in need.

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