As a premier women’s community service organization, Classy Living Society continues to Go National and continues to increase its membership rolls by leaps and bounds.  To honor, celebrate and fellowship with Societies in the states where it has memberships, CLS has begun going on the road and present a number of fabulous events in those locales!  

Hello Houston!

This past Saturday, June 8, CLS headed to Houston, Texas to host a Yellow Dress Brunch!  All of the brunch attendees wore their favorite and fabulous yellow dresses.  The color yellow is symbolic of our #EndTheDemand initiative; to bring awareness to and to take a united stand against sex and human trafficking in our society.

Oh, what a wonderful day it was!  Houston welcomed us with one its best weather days!  It was HOT!  The sun was shining bright, but so were the smiles on the faces of our brunch attendees!  The event was held at Poitín, a delightful and eclectic bar, restaurant and event space located in the Washington Avenue Arts District of Houston.  Their back patio featured a fantastic view of the Houston skyline!

As usual with Classy Living Society events, the decor was beautiful.  With a beautiful hand-crafted flower wall as a backdrop, the tables were draped with white marble tablecloths and adorned with delicate vases of flowers.  There were classy place settings featuring gold rimmed drinking glasses and champagne flutes, and juicy lemons tagged with small cards highlighting the important hashtag of the day: #EndtheDemand.  The food was delicious!

Speakers included our hostess, Nyota Byfield, CLS member from Atlanta, as well as CLS Editor in Chief Janine Lattimore and Director of Community Outreach in Houston, LaShaunda Johnson.  A few lucky ladies won fabulous prizes through an online raffle – an Alexa device, a $50 gift card to Macy’s and a lipcolor from CLS’s own line of lipsticks – Shade.

LaShanda Pitts, Founder of CLS, presented our newly introduced award – the Igniting Change Award – to LaNai’ Whitaker, Founder of Simply Helping, which is a nonprofit organization that provides nonmonetary support to college students living on campus. The Igniting Change Award is designed to recognize those organizations that demonstrate tireless effort in giving back to the community and bringing awareness to and furthering the causes they serve.  Nominees for this award will be selected from those featured on Chronicles Too!  For more information on Simply Helping, see our spotlight post on this issue of CLS on the Move and her feature on the Chronicles Too!

We also welcomed our special guest, Erin Johnson, who is a Board Member of the Houston area anti-trafficking nonprofit organization, The Landing. The Landing is a daytime drop-in center for those who are at the intersections of life—a place of comfort and rest for all-aged male, female, and transgender victims of human trafficking or sexual exploitation.  She provided vital information arousing awareness of the cause, and clued us in on how The Landing provides care and support.  Thank you, Erin!  For more information on The Landing and the amazing work they do in the community, visit their website at  As a giveback initiative, attendees donated journals and handwritten notes of inspiration for The Landing to take back to those they support as a gift of love and encouragement.

The day was filled with lots of laughter, smiles, hugs and sister love – and that’s what CLS is all about.  Through engaging conversation and inclusion, each of the ladies met many “someones” new, exchanged business cards and information.  Through education on the cause of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, we draw another step closer in our quest to #EndtheDemand.

We are looking forward to more fellowship and celebration of our Societies across America!  Thank you Houston!

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